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Jan. 6, 2021

Champagne Problems

Champagne Problems

There are big problems in life and then there are champagne problems, you know....the kind that some people make a big deal of but really are not. We tackle those little issues as well as some other hot topics in this weeks episode (number 12) of Undebatable. This week Raylene leads us in exploring such topics as: Finding a "Hack" to extend your vacation time. and the issues that's on everyones mind.. Like food and alcohol companies and their misleading advertising and keeping big marine animals in captivity. Later in the episode we meet Lisa David Olson, Author of: Laughs on Wry. She is a humorist speaker, ice breaker queen and embarrassing mom. She sit down to discuss what life was like in an abusive home as a child and how that has shaped her into who she is today. Don't miss all the laughs and fun this week on Undebatable. 

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