March 17, 2021

Money Made Me Do It

Money Made Me Do It

Episode 20 of undebatable is sure to be a pleasure, one could maybe even say it’s rich in content! We tackle the hottest issues of today with a dose of weird news and of course a thrilling and intelligent guest Miria, who talks Credit and Credit Scores with us! Hot topics this week include: Jennifer Lopez relationship drama surrounding rumors of her man cheating, the $1,400 stimulus Checks and what and when you can expect them and lastly in odd news, we discuss a husband and wife who collect Whinny The Pooh things and are currently trying to beat a Guinness book of World Records collection. All that and more on this week of Undebatable. 

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Keith  0:01  
trivia time. What happens when you put for highly opinionated friends? For microphones and breaking news and controversial topics in a blender? You get one hell of a podcast. This is undebatable hysterical and thought provoking podcast that sees for friends from different backgrounds debate hot button issues that affect our modern world hot button issues. For quick witted hosts, if it's political news, pop culture news or weird news. We're talking about it. This is undebatable and here are your hosts Raylene?

Unknown Speaker  0:45  

Keith  0:45  

Unknown Speaker  0:47  
Bradford Hello.

Steve  0:50  
Welcome, welcome. Welcome to the undebatable podcast. It is March 16. The day before the greatest drinking day of all time, St. Patrick's Day, it's gonna be different this year. Wait isn't

Raylene  1:04  
Cinco de Mayo the greatest drinking devil

Unknown Speaker  1:09  
what your culture is,

Steve  1:11  
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Raylene  2:05  

Steve  2:05  
but it just No no no, no no,

Raylene  2:07  
Nanda we got it down on docs. Yes,

Steve  2:08  
St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow. So it will our episode will be dropping on St. Patrick's Day. So

Raylene  2:14  
nice. The right okay.

Steve  2:18  
Do we have holidays anymore? Like they just come now? Right? And then they just go, huh? Yeah,

Raylene  2:24  
I bought my corned beef and cabbage to make and I'm I it's weird. So I was gonna say I'm not even Irish, but I probably am like I've need I need to do one of those 23andme is because I know I'm French.

Steve  2:34  
Let me let me give you a little help, Raylene. I'm like

Bradford   2:37  
my brother did some math. And apparently we're like 1/8 Irish. And we actually did a corned beef and cabbage hold like dinner two nights ago. And your dad didn't insist on chicken. In fact, Bradford

Steve  2:52  
dad insisted on chicken for Thanksgiving,

Bradford   2:55  
right? In case you didn't hear that episode. Go back and listen to it. I insisted. And don't don't kill me on kielbasa. I get hate right now, corned beef. I hate corned beef. I cannot stand it. It's so gross. Wow. Are you you're

Raylene  3:09  
cutting it wrong. It's drinking. You're cutting it wrong. Yeah.

Steve  3:12  
Yes. So the greatest thing about corned beef like my mom called me tears, okay, if she's like, Hey, I didn't feel like cooking corned beef. today. I went over to like there's a good store that like sells like pre made dinners. That's fine. They're good. But like corned beef. For me when it's warm. And it comes out at work at a deli we used to make it and right when it comes out and it's warm. You can take these little strips and just rip them off. And they're the greatest thing and juicy, they're flavorful. And when it's warm, it's so much different than when it's cold. When it's cold, it can start to dry out, but you need to cut it right. Yeah, because there's a there's two different cuts of it and the green shifts as it goes. So if you don't cut along with the right grain, It's chewy and hard. You have to cut

Raylene  3:51  
against that whole pork

Bradford   3:53  
is there a dotted line I just follow just

Raylene  3:55  
just look at it. And and if the piece that you have a stringy cut it in the opposite direction. That's and that's true for steak. It's true for chick, it's good for any meat you have to cut across the grain. Otherwise, it's stringy.

Steve  4:06  
Damn. But let's get to the bigger issue. Yeah, it's the booze. It's drinking and honestly, I realized today I'm like, I'm gonna sit at home tomorrow.

Raylene  4:16  
Like I want to come over I have corned beef, and

Steve  4:20  
I just want to make it but I don't want to make it at the same time.

Raylene  4:23  
We have good whiskey. We always have good whiskey in our house because my husband drinks whiskey I don't

Steve  4:28  
like it just seems like it's come and like, I guess every I mean people that birthdays and get the celebrate. I got to celebrate one but like, I just St. Patrick's days here. And it just doesn't feel like it. I'm very upset

Bradford   4:39  
about it. There's no parades. They've all been canceled. It wasn't a great parade this weekend.

Raylene  4:43  
Yeah, so there are parades. Okay.

Steve  4:45  
Yeah, I saw like a crop raid, right. Yeah, we like drove well.

Raylene  4:48  
aren't they coming back though? I mean, isn't everything coming back? Well, when I heard

Steve  4:52  
Mardi Gras was canceled this year. And then what Ireland canceled their St. Patrick's Day Parade like in January. I was like wow, like the like the parade masters are shutting it down,

Unknown Speaker  5:03  
right? Geez,

Raylene  5:05  
God forbid would be outside, six feet apart. walking on the streets can't

Steve  5:09  
You can't drink on St. Patrick's Day Without hugging random people. Yeah, you don't drink at all without

Unknown Speaker  5:16  
me at the winery this weekend.

Bradford   5:18  
It's the people on the sidelines that are watching the spectators, they're going to start packing the streets and think about it. People have got so much pent up energy. They can't wait to get out and do something that's normal. So you're gonna have a flood of people on the streets and you can bet your butt that night

Steve  5:32  
is gonna, you know, actually curious today like why do we drink on St. Patrick's Day? They looked it up because they're alcoholics. I mean any reason? Because a lot of holiday is like just get taken away from what they are like what the fuck and Easter Bunny right? Dude resurrecting that strip cave and coming out I'm pretty sure that's the story, right? So what happened was the first Thanksgiving or St. Patrick's Day, whatever, and they celebrated it. There were laws about like excessive eating and drinking alcohol was illegal. So they for the day released all of these laws. So everybody started drinking and eating really early in the day and they had this wonderful day of being full on food and drunk all in the streets. And that is where the tradition comes from.

Raylene  6:12  
Okay, but does anybody know what St. Patrick is most known for?

Steve  6:15  
St. Patrick's Day? No,

Bradford   6:16  
giving luck to people. No, darn it.

Steve  6:18  
You're gonna coin No, that's Anthony the US. He's an illusion. He's

Raylene  6:21  
He's the one who convinced all the snakes to leave Ireland. He liked Pied Piper, the snakes out of Ireland where they go.

Steve  6:28  
I don't know. Because that seems like you know what I mean? It seems like one of those stories, and like your children that make you hate like English people, but they all went to England, right over the edge into the ocean.

Raylene  6:38  
But it's also Pat, like when you see St. Patty's Day with two T's that's wrong. Because it's not Patrick. It's Pat Herrick. So it's pa D ri ch.

Steve  6:48  
We're in New England. So we barely use teas, and we chop down to tea, right?

Raylene  6:52  
And we throw in ours where we don't need them. Like my grandfather used to say Linder, or you ever wonder those

Steve  6:56  
vessels northern Noire? you eliminate

Bradford   6:58  
the RS and you say get in the car?

Steve  7:00  
Yeah, swipe because it was my dad's car.

Raylene  7:03  
So everything I said could be bullshit, because I read it all on the internet. Well, I was gonna say for someone

Bradford   7:08  
who's not Irish, you know, an awful lot. Yeah,

Steve  7:10  
the internet is also a great source of actual wins. That's true. It's just understanding what the bullshit is, which is like 97% of it

Raylene  7:18  
right there. Anytime. I love it, when they It was like, the internet is a great source of information cited by Abraham Lincoln. called like, um, I hope everybody realizes that's not true.

Steve  7:32  
Well, we are on the internet, and we are all 100% real. We have a good show coming up tonight. We have a Tennessee woman who is seeking a Guinness World Record for her Winnie the poor collection like items of things she's married to I just don't understand why it's so hard to find love out there in the world. 14 $100 stimulus part of the 100 or 1.9 trillion, that number so big. I can't read it. $1.9 trillion relief package was signed that last week. And j Ron also known as the couple of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, they were broken up on Saturday, they're back together, they're working it out. They aren't together. There's lots of rumors going on there. So I want to know if you can actually be in a relationship get cheated on. So I'll give you the story of Alex. Alex is accused of texting back and forth with this reality superstar, I guess star Madison Lacroix from some show called southern charm. In January they did like a reunion special. You know, they always do that the right all the crazy people haven't fight together on stage. Yeah. And the girl started calling her like, like, oh, you're Whoa, like you're going around the country like bang and married men. And they said, Oh, you go to Miami to sleep with that base of that former baseball player who's married and they said a name and they bleeped it out. Right? Because his legal department doesn't fuck around. So that in the story comes out. She says like, Oh, yeah, we talk and we call we call each other on the phone all the time. Well, the girls from the shower like now you're going there monthly and banging him. And then when it comes to him, he's like,

Unknown Speaker  9:06  

Steve  9:07  
I've never heard of her. So that came out on Saturday.

Unknown Speaker  9:11  
And now no swear, baby. I did not touch it.

Steve  9:15  
Baby, let's go back to when he was playing for the Yankees. He was in Toronto. And he spotted with a strike as big boobs cartoon version of a stripper. She was an actual stripper. And they're like, Hey, what's going on here in the tabloids? Like, that's just my friend would he talk? So he got in trouble for that last time. So now come Sunday. They both come out because this is a story from the New York Post. It's not from right, yeah, the next day. They're like now we're still together. But they're like, but we're working things out. So there was no like real confirmation of like our engagements back on. So that's my ultimate question. Like, can you break up Can you be cheated on whether it's physical or emotional and then actually work it out and like, stay together?

Raylene  9:54  
I mean, I'm just saying this is JLo. She don't need no man. So if she She could just like, she can have as many as she wants. She's fucking JLo

Steve  10:02  
I saw a meme the other day like she can have the block. She's almost as many rings.

Raylene  10:08  
Yes, I did see? hysterical. Yeah, no, I mean, who knows? Who knows what's inside the relationship? Who knows what actually happened? Who knows if this Madison little whatever the fuck was just using

Steve  10:19  
she's hot but not like she could just

Raylene  10:21  
be using name dropping to make herself more important

Steve  10:24  
what she's she's kind of known for not known for this, which isn't fair. So there's two. They're like mid level celebrities. Jay Cutler was an NFL football player. I think he's still playing. That's how obscure he is now. He's married to Kristen Cavalera, who was like one of the stars from the old school reality show, Orange County or the OC.

Raylene  10:45  
Or somebody?

Steve  10:47  
That was Heidi that was

Raylene  10:48  
oh, that's Heidi. Okay. All right. Same show, though. Right?

Steve  10:50  
Yeah, Kristen was the hot bitch. Um, so

Raylene  10:54  
this is this is 20 years beyond me. So my kids really identify with it. I guess

Steve  10:58  
it doesn't matter who they are based off the story. So they're together for 10 years, they had three kids, they were on a split from their marriage, he or she Kristen starts dating this Madison girl's ex boyfriend. Well, she gets jealous of it and then go seeks out Jay Cutler in the world and starts banging him and they start making it super public. And she's like, taunting this Christian chick. Like even in social media. Like, yeah, I got your man. But she's only doing this just to get back at her because she's sleeping with her ex boyfriends. And then Chris and Jay Cutler, and I'm getting back together like a month later. So she's kind of texting her

Raylene  11:33  
back and be like, haha, he's

Steve  11:35  
known for this. So I mean, it just looks bad on I mean, a rod.

Raylene  11:39  
Yeah, I have always said and I will go to my grave saying this. It is never the other woman's fault. It's never the other man's fault. Well, can your person has a relationship and a commitment to you? And you know, if they break that commitment, then you just have to,

Steve  11:55  
but cannot work? So if you're in a relationship, and this happens, can you

Raylene  11:59  
I know people who have worked I know people who have made it work successfully. There

Steve  12:03  
are like, no, yeah, no, choose another keep going.

Raylene  12:06  
Well, who knows? Like what's behind closed doors?

Bradford   12:09  
right? Exactly. I've tried personally. So I was in a relationship. I was married. This is my I'm, I'm in my second marriage. I was married one other time. Or if you want to know, fucking married, you want to know the whole story. I was in a prior relationship. He cheated on me. And he literally told me the reason that I'm cheating on you is because you were no longer sexually attractive to me. And so I was like, okay, so you can recover from that know that it actually really hurt. And so to be honest, you know, I was always told like, you marry the one you're with Him forever. So I said to him, you want to go to counseling whenever he goes, that's not gonna make me any more attracted to you. And I was like, fairpoint so when we did split up? I did I ended up becoming a hoarder for like two months. Every man just to prove that you were attractive. Well, I had to do it for me. Like I was helpless to find. Yeah. And now of course, I'm with Intel and I love him to death and he's

Steve  13:05  
hot. So I look at is like, even if you're trying to work it out, at least from my psychology, like, yeah, we could be a month down the road, maybe a year and everything's fine. But that one day or you take that accidental four hour nap. Like granted, you're just chillin with Netflix running asking if you're still there, but I'm like, she's getting gagged, banged in the barbell. By like, 20 dude, because once that crack in the trust comes for me. I'm going to go down that rabbit hole being like, Oh my God, this this is what's happening. Because you want to protect yourself from you don't want to get caught off guard me, oh my gosh, she's just taking a nap. And then your boy sends you a video from the bar bathroom. Like dude, your girl is

Raylene  13:41  
the problem with that is that when somebody cracks that trust, it also cracks a trust for everybody who's after that too. Right? And that's it. It's shit. It is like and

Bradford   13:54  
there are three pillars of a relationship and communication and trust is you know, those are the two biggest parts of that. And that gives

Raylene  14:03  
me what's the third?

Unknown Speaker  14:04  
I guess respect respect.

Raylene  14:06  
Oh, so you're just making shit up? Okay, I get you

Bradford   14:08  
know I thought it was it was love communication because you have to obviously love the person love communication and trust.

Raylene  14:13  
Okay, I didn't hear I didn't hear you say love the first time.

Steve  14:15  
Oh, I because I kind of that's like an obvious one. But like number four is actually listening.

Raylene  14:20  
I think number four sex.

Bradford   14:23  
No, that's communication. Listening is a part of communicate. Yeah,

Raylene  14:25  
so number four is sex.

Unknown Speaker  14:28  
But it's respect.

Raylene  14:30  
You have to love sex. You have to communicate about sex and you have to be respectful with your sex that

Steve  14:35  
for me is everything in a relationship is respect. Because that ties into like, right, if I am cheating on you, well, I'm just respecting you even to the person I'm treating with. Even if they don't know you. Like they're gonna be like, like, Look, I'm not doing it. But if I was banging in some dudes girl and whether I knew him or not, they, yeah, I'm begging your girl. Exactly. You know what I mean? Like and that just even letting me think that about the person that you're supposed to be with and be caring about is just as bad. So like, everything always comes back to trust and respect.

Raylene  15:04  
So he said he did not cheat and she said they did not have sex.

Steve  15:09  
So said he didn't cheat on his first wife. Well, she also said he never took steroids. Okay, but let's just go running through the a rod lie. been chosen to be a liar.

Raylene  15:20  
Well, okay, but let's just say because Bradford asked me this earlier, and I said, Sure. We don't talk about this shit ahead of time. He said he didn't cheat. She said that they did not have sex. They just had conversations. She said

Steve  15:32  
they've never met a person. Right? only talk. Okay, so her friends from the show are like, Yeah, you've been begging a monthly even from Miami.

Raylene  15:40  
Okay, whatever. He

Steve  15:41  
went to high school, my high school in Miami was in Miami.

Raylene  15:47  
My whole entire this was like, Who gives a fuck, let them do whatever. But anyway, Bradford asked me a very good question. Would you like to repeat it? Or did you forget it?

Bradford   15:54  
Sure. Where is cheating on the spectrum? like where do you draw the line? What is cheating? Are you just if you're having a friendly conversation, and they're flirting with you, is that cheating?

Steve  16:03  
Well, there's the there's the court of law of relationships and then there's back to the things we just listed. So you could be like, Oh, I'd never touched him. Or I didn't touch her I didn't cheat but but yeah, but you broke my trust and my respect by just texting her so that damage but it also john, you didn't cheat but like it you you damage this can't come back. She does have

Bradford   16:21  
to be physical in my eyes. If he is talking with this girl.

Steve  16:25  
He was just talking he didn't cheat because he didn't. You still did today? What

Bradford   16:29  
what? What kind of conversation? was it? Was it a flirtatious conversation? Was he 30 back? Was there an intent?

Steve  16:35  
Pretty high? I doubt. I doubt he was asking him like, hey, how do you swing a baseball bat the right way?

Raylene  16:39  
Right? You can still have a flirty conversation with somebody and not have it really mean anything.

Steve  16:46  
To dudes and we're like, What?

Raylene  16:48  
I'm sorry, I flirt with

Steve  16:51  
affection, but we still operate in the same manner. That's where I'm like, no flirting is flirting. I like you I do.

Raylene  16:57  
So you are just like my husband. He thinks if I'm flirting with somebody, I'm obviously planning on having an affair and you know, whatever. You can have flirty, that. No, just knock it off. You can have flirty conversation.

Steve  17:09  
People really use this on the radio as a topic today. Not this but the flirting thing, right? Hey, a listener had like a flirty husband. And then we ask that question like, Well, where

Raylene  17:18  
is the line? When I stick my tongue in someone else's mouth? Now I'm cheating.

Steve  17:24  
Like, what if I touch is very attractive woman shoulder and like kind of result has really been about that.

Unknown Speaker  17:31  
Well, that's not cheating. But what I'm saying?

Raylene  17:34  
No, no, there's there's different. I've worked with the guys in bars and be like, Ooh, nice, aren't

Bradford   17:39  
like you're a jokester. So like you're joking with them when they get Yeah, well, there's a delay Steve did that was kind of like like my intent is to give you a compliment, because I

Raylene  17:47  
want Steve's intent was to flirt with you and I was act with you.

Bradford   17:51  
I don't know I'm saying in that example.

Steve  17:53  
What do you think I'm gonna hang it in 20 weeks for?

Raylene  17:56  
I thought it was me damn mine. It's

Steve  17:58  
a close room. It's kind of warm in here.

Raylene  18:03  
Around zactly and it was it was him the whole time. I'm quitting Goodbye, man. Going off Curtis

Steve  18:09  
just worked out about being stimulated. stimulated by the US government

Raylene  18:15  
$1.9 trillion dollar we like we're all included in this.

Steve  18:19  
I can only blame myself at this point. So if you didn't know, they've given us money, if you make $75,000 or under or if you're a couple with $150,000 you're getting 14 hundo. About 160 million people are eligible for this. And if you are listening to this today, it is March 17. The day this dropped, and you're like the fucking government didn't give me my shit. All the big banks are holding on to the money that should be going to you because they don't get paid until March 17 at 830 in the morning, so a lot of this stimuluses will be going up, it's

Raylene  18:56  
gonna be so many people drinking that money tomorrow. I'm like, you

Unknown Speaker  19:00  
know what that was done on this.

Steve  19:03  
I don't mean this politically. But I'm like, it's nice to have someone else in office. You know, like you give me 14 hundo on fucking St. Patrick's Day.

Bradford   19:09  
I Raylene bear with me. I'm sorry, I have to go political for just a second. I think it's funny. I try to track on the record, right? That 100% this was backed by Democrats, right. This was a democrat initiative, and not a single republican voted for it. However, now that there are benefits and people are getting their money and they're happy. There are republicans on Twitter and doing news broadcasts are like yeah, and these great benefits that we're giving you, and it's like, okay, hitting me, right.

Unknown Speaker  19:36  
Let's go back to politics.

Unknown Speaker  19:38  

Raylene  19:38  
The first one I got. Yeah, I haven't gotten one sense. So fuck the Democrats. Alright, we don't make that much money. Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. We don't make that much money. And no, and the democrats knocked it from 174 150

Unknown Speaker  19:54  
because the republicans wouldn't vote for it doesn't matter.

Raylene  19:57  
They shouldn't it's it's for shit. It's so the reason we're not getting it is because we took money out of our retirement to pay for our daughter to go to college. So because we don't have student loans, we don't get the money. Yeah. How do you think I feel I haven't worked in a year, and I need the money. My husband doesn't mean the money but and everybody's like, but your husband makes so much money, but my husband doesn't pay my bills. My husband does not pay for my car. My husband does not pay for my daughter's my daughter's student loan payments, right? And my husband doesn't pay for our cell phone. That's my one bill that I have copped to. So this pisses me off and also $1.9 trillion comes out to like 50 $600 a piece and we're only getting 14 $100 because

Bradford   20:45  
there's so much more in this bill

Raylene  20:47  
because they build they build out Nancy Pelosi and they bailed out the moron in New York well

Steve  20:52  
there's money the child tax exemption and then there's also a thing called the unemployment benefit so they right

Raylene  20:59  
oh, I also got hosed on that

Steve  21:00  
too. He put a shit ton back into that right with this money hoping that because what they saw was when they gave out the last stimulus although it wasn't 1400 the month after because they gave it out in January the month after and February they saw this big influx in the economy like an 8% growth what they were hoping for and then come the next month it was down to three so like the money helped but it wasn't enough it just went away so they're hoping by adding more money to the unemployment benefits and then the child exemption thing I didn't get to read into it enough but like there may be a chance for people to keep registering for it and keep getting it so they're they're hoping that if we add these stabilities to the lower income people and then give three times the amount of money or two times a month remember last time the economy should stay running until we can open everything up

Raylene  21:45  
Yeah, planet still says fuck the middle class because we are 100% middle class now and I I haven't

Steve  21:51  
gotten any EMI but it really was because I just said fuck it on my taxes last year. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker  21:57  
that's your fault they

Steve  21:59  
gave us the extension and I'm one of those people out of sight out of mind and then like November came and I was like wow, I never did my fucking taxes because I was complaining and going on the website with my money bitch because first they said you'd have to file at all like Why can't I just get a check even if you print it because I have a social security number you know where I live? Like if I had a warrant you find me Yeah, they garnish my wages from taxes i get my taxes i kind of cheated years ago what they give you Turbo Tax and they give you the number in the corner so I just started throwing numbers in to make the number go up. It was this in 2012 was a long time ago but they garnish my wages

Raylene  22:35  
Okay, so you're saying three years ago So

Steve  22:38  
real quick. It takes a long time. And I was not making a lot of money there so like they can find my bank account right? They can find me for a warrant real quick but when it's money they owe me they're like hey, you're gonna have to file your taxes now and do all this so I went on I was gonna do my taxes last night and I didn't I was gonna do today and I didn't because my thought now is they're gonna give you 14 $100 if you go do your taxes also I can get the other two so I thought it was gonna be like retroactive like I do my taxes you give me 14 you give me all of them there's like some refund package yeah thing I had to sign up for which sounds scary but really it just me kind of just giving them information to get it so I feel like I'm kind of looking out because I don't know if I owe any money in taxes i could end up making out like four to $5,000 at the end of this whole thing. I will what's kind of fucked up is like I live week to week to pay my bills. I barely make it but at the same time like if I get five grand from all these backed up things and my taxes i still kind of feel like Jesus Christ there's someone else that could use this

Raylene  23:39  
I will tell you the other thing that pissed me off is there was also in that benefits package was something about it if you had the unemployment because I get unemployment even though I'm self employed because my whole world of all of the things that I do to make money got shut down last year um, you wouldn't owe as much in income tax if they had done that and so we waited and that got fucked to so geez well I guess when I get bitter and angry I'm sorry I really like and everybody's like what you're going to use Timmy jack I'm like $9.35 from the last one so I bought a soda

Steve  24:16  
when you come here we want you to be low energy

Raylene  24:20  
less opinionated and are undebatable right so i don't i don't know who I don't know who did what but I know I got that first stimulation check and I did not get this one

Bradford   24:32  
well i i'm not point fingers here but they they this bill started out with a higher income bracket on other words and if and I don't want to get your personal but if that's why you don't qualify because you're you collectively with you and your husband made too much on your last you know tax

Raylene  24:48  
No, it was because we took the money out to pay for our daughter to go to college and that's I think is the thing that pisses me off. That's the thing that pisses me off. I we paid Are we there should be reasons why Right, it shouldn't be on your gross income. Right? It should be on your net income. We took the money out so we could pay for a kid to go to college. And now I don't get my stablished

Steve  25:09  
it's easier math for them.

Raylene  25:11  
It is. I mean, it is

Unknown Speaker  25:13  
they're lazy. I think

Unknown Speaker  25:13  
it's lazy.

Raylene  25:15  
I am just a little bit angry your

Steve  25:16  
fingers, oh, Bradford, I wonder who you're going to point a finger at? Because he said, I'm not trying to point fingers.

Raylene  25:21  
He's gonna point him out there Republic. So

Steve  25:23  
sorry, I want to know,

Raylene  25:24  
because eventually, at some point, it all has to be paid back. And it's not coming out of the pockets of the poor people ever?

Bradford   25:31  
Well, here's the deal with stimulus. So the hope is, and I can't help but think it is ironic. That's on St. Patrick's Day, because they want to support local mom and pop franchise that that's who you want to support. Right? When your money goes into a local economy. It really does stimulate the economy. They don't want people taking their money and putting it in a 401k or savings or anything like that. They want you to spend it. That's the point, right? And spending on local mom and pop small businesses is the exact way to stimulate the economy. What does that do that gets jobs going that it does so much. So that's how

Steve  26:04  
you get paid that that was I don't I like when I was like waiting to come here. I was reading about the stimulus. I don't even know where I found the article. It was it was very just straightforward. It didn't feel it wasn't written. It was like, here's some information. Here's some information. And one of the main intents of this, and look, I don't know where all this money's going. I'm not standing up for it. But like one of the main points they made. And you can see it in the news was the last time they did the PPP thing where they're supposed to help small businesses. We saw all these gigantic corporations. Yeah, money. I mean, we saw we saw publicly I remember the LA Lakers are like, yo, you guys gave us $40 million. Because we're a steakhouse. Because again, it was a laziness. And this isn't I'm not going like, oh, the administration was lazy. And it didn't, because we just pointed out where there's more laziness, and this one, it was the, hey, if you have less than 500 employees, you get this. Well, the Lakers, turns out have less than 500 boys, but they're worth like $3 billion, right, a company and all these small mom and pop places weren't getting it. We also saw a bunch of stories of people getting it for their business, and they go out and buy Ferraris and Lamborghinis and blow it all. Now that's on them. But that's also not checking up on things. So the intent for this, I mean,

Raylene  27:14  
also Ferrari people got to get paid.

Steve  27:18  
What if you want to commit crimes, that's your choice. You got $250,000 for your lashes by Alicia allowed to see and you went and blew that chick because you don't really have a real business. But this is supposed to hope from raising up a unemployment, the child taxes, the more money it's supposed to help the small business and hopefully the PPP stuff goes to them this time around.

Raylene  27:43  
To be fair, that when the first round of stimulus checks came out, I had a huge number of people buy sex toys off my website, and my commission was pretty decent. I worked.

Steve  27:56  
I worked like a head shop like five, seven years ago, like smoke shops or bongs and pipes and all this shit, obviously to retail or Christmas is the number one time a very close second in numbers. Taxi. Oh, yeah.

Raylene  28:09  
Tax Season is what I sell the most.

Steve  28:11  
You don't need a $300 bomb. But guess what if I'm 21 and I just got $1,000 from the government, I'm spending 999 at the head shop. And it was stupid. And it blew my mind. And then it made me realize that like what that small influx of money can do. I remember in 2008 when everything fucking collapsed, I was not that long at a high school. And it was five years, four years. And I remember getting I can still see that cheque in my in my fucking hand. Getting that check was like $635. And I was like, holy shit. They literally were like, bro, go spin this. And I'm like, this is amazing. And I ran out and I blew that shit. And I went to the crystal ball Waterford, Connecticut, and I blew the whole goddamn thing. And I and then now I understand like, well, that little influx of money. They get it back. Why don't understand when there's issues like this, like we need to fix the wage issue. We didn't give the incremental increase in wages over the past 30 years. So now we're in this fucked up situation of Hey, we want to raise it to 15. But what is the state like Tennessee's supposed to do where their minimum wage is? $6. Right. I was small business as a bump up $10 an hour. And I understand how they can I just

Raylene  29:20  
saw his face go what cost of living is much lower.

Steve  29:24  
I know. But it's still the same. It's still the same discrepancy even there on where they're getting paid. Right. The problem is, is we didn't incrementally add 30 cents here and $1 here right to get to where we should be today. Now we have this major issue of we need to jump into make regular people survive. But how are these smaller businesses supposed to survive and now we have all this added thing of decimating all the businesses on the edge from shutting everything down. So there's a woman in Tennessee Yes. I have major beef with Guinness Book of World Records. I'll get into that while we do this, but she is clearly going to To set the Guinness Book of World Records for the most the largest Winnie the Pooh collection, so that's like little figurines any stuffed animal insane shit. She likes how insane She is 16,000 pieces over 16,000 the world record for Winnie the pool collection is 14,000.

Raylene  30:20  
Can you imagine dusting all that?

Steve  30:22  
Oh my god, I'll get into the Guinness thing eventually. But do you guy I want to know if you guys collect anything because like when I started thinking about it, I'm like, I don't collect any I collected baseball cards as a kid. And that market does not exist anymore. So that was a real waste of time. But I want to know if you guys collect anything, but also like, where does this thing turn into? Now into like an addiction or an obsession? Because

Unknown Speaker  30:46  
like when when you become a 14,000

Unknown Speaker  30:49  
that's a hoarder.

Bradford   30:50  
Yikes. I collect these forever and blue jeans collection. It's these little figurines at least explained blue pants and white shirts.

Steve  30:58  
And it's like, it's like $1 the just the pants in the shirt.

Bradford   31:02  
No, I mean, they have faces, but they're there. There's no eyes or like nose or they're

Steve  31:07  
like figurines or is it like pictures?

Bradford   31:09  
Yeah. Have you ever seen those like Willow angels? Like, Yes, I will. It's the same. Wow. I know what those were. Yeah, it's the same company that makes these but they're it's it's it's literally one of the most precious collections out there because it shows all of life's like precious moments. No,

Raylene  31:24  
no, you're different collectibles. It is.

Bradford   31:26  
So like, I have one of like, a mom. She's pregnant. And her little daughter's coming up and like holding her belly, right? And there's like a couple taking their first dance. And then there's like a young couple like swinging like you can imagine they're like, Where

Steve  31:39  
is this in your home? And what is it on? And how many do you have? I want to I want to create an entire image of what this looks like. So

Bradford   31:45  
we've got I've got about maybe, almost like 25 figurines, and they're off the table like two shelves that hang off the wall. Okay,

Steve  31:55  
yeah, they have you structured them and display to where they work together.

Bradford   32:00  
Yeah, so I put like some of the tall ones and back some of the shorter ones in front. And yeah,

Steve  32:05  
where do you buy them?

Bradford   32:06  
You can't any more questions. So eBay? Yeah, eBay. Seriously, that's like, like, just for Christmas. This year, I'd gotten two more from eBay.

Steve  32:15  
Can you resell them?

Unknown Speaker  32:17  
Probably for lots of money someday not

Steve  32:18  
so that's my own item leading to that they were like the beanie babies. So now we could make fun of this lady up but say she paid five. Oh,

Raylene  32:27  
I thought we're gonna make fun of Bradford.

Steve  32:29  
say she paid $5 a piece for that. Right now. She can sell them for 30 each will do the math on 16,000. Now there's,

Raylene  32:37  
there's not there's no there's no market for Winnie the Pooh stuff. There might be occasionally one one every now and then there'll be some old, whatever. But no, there's no it's like, when everybody was like Beanie Babies are gonna be still collectible. Let's collect them all and put glue tags on and never play with them. And they're gonna be valuable. Some that No, they're not one of my relatives. her spouse purchased these race cars. And she thought for sure he he thought for sure that they would be valuable someday. And basically, did other people know. Nobody did. Okay. It was just one of those things were like these are collectibles. But they're not collectibles. And so then he passed away and all she had was case. case after case after case of these cars.

Steve  33:24  
That's where I'm at now a baseball cards.

Raylene  33:26  
Yep, card. baseball cards are different. Oh,

Steve  33:28  
no, no, that's what you would think I watched the documentary that started off really good and turned into this guy's dad issues and trying to find the data got really derailed. But in the beginning, it explained so simply why the baseball card industry doesn't exist. So I grew up. I was born in 85. So like in the 90s it was Ken Griffey Jr. and this and that I was buying rookie cards you go to Brooks pharmacy, and you buy the pack and you open up you hope to get this car huh so what happened was, it got so big during that time, you could actually go to places giant stores which must be paying if it was present day like five grand for like a store and they're selling enough baseball cards but obviously go to shows that like right engine hauls, like huge things. What happened was everything collectible, before they got so popular that tops and all those companies realized that so the Mickey Mantle rookie card, there's three of them, the last one sold for $3.2 million. Right? So that was before the boom that card was always exclusive. It was hard to find. That's how baseball cards used to function they just printed five of each fucking guy and that's the way it was in the 90s when they saw how popular was top just like Wow, well the more Griffey, rookie cards we print, the more things that we sell, and the more people and the more so there are literally no less valuable. They're printing money for their business. So time so now fast forward 20 years later, well guess what the Griffey rookie cards worth three fucking dollars because there's 30,000 of them the Mickey Mantle and

Raylene  34:57  
all your dad's taught me to save them. properly know how many

Unknown Speaker  35:02  

Steve  35:02  
cards every time I move no there's no value value is my bank fucking breaking from carrying these stupid so we got to get

Bradford   35:11  
if you had those cards signed they'd be worth a lot more signed I mean I know have people on your cards by now but know what the air I grew up what Mark McGwire

Steve  35:19  
Jose conseco barry bonds. Roger Clemens should have been like

Unknown Speaker  35:26  
a rod,

Raylene  35:28  
like I mean, and a rod card.

Steve  35:31  
They all did steroids. And there's 70,000 of the rookie cards printed the Derek Jeter records were $21 so

Bradford   35:37  
but this woman though, I've got to think that there's some benefit she's selling. Selling she's she's a hoarder, so

Steve  35:42  
she's not selling so the husband's involved with this too though

Bradford   35:45  
he is he'll see something and he'll call her Oh,

Raylene  35:47  
you know why? It's because it's she's like I know to buy her for the rest of our lives. With a Winnie the Pooh on how

Steve  35:54  
I can get down with this she's like honey, every item you bring home my wife's collection would be way bigger than 16,000

Unknown Speaker  36:05  
I'm just saying if if the child

Unknown Speaker  36:07  
Guinness World Record was

Steve  36:09  
in fucking kidding, I'm

Bradford   36:10  
dead serious. If the Guinness Book of World Records were to go in there and she has the winning collection I think that adds some value Can

Steve  36:18  
I can I do can I explain to how stupid the Guinness Book of World Records is?

Raylene  36:21  
Yes. Can we go I am so

Steve  36:23  
yes. All but one. I have beef with this. This is like one of my most hated things in the world. It's the stupidest thing in the world. How is this a record 16,000 of these stupid figurines

Bradford   36:33  
has more than anybody else.

Steve  36:34  
I understand that. It's a record that you collected more shit than somebody else. How

Unknown Speaker  36:39  
big is his book?

Unknown Speaker  36:40  
Because that's no here. Let me just let me

Steve  36:45  
let me let me pull back to where this really comes from. Some poor fucking guy has to go travel around the world and count this shit. The other person has 14,000 who knew that was already a record? Somebody already did it like I so we have to talk about this on the radio all the time. This guy has a record for kicking himself in the forehead for the most times a one minute. Why should we celebrate you? That's my beef. Why are we celebrating these fucking people who just go well, what am I not good at? And no one else is good at Well, I'm not athletic. I'm not smart. I can't do anything that's creative. I can't make any music or art. Well, you know what? I kick myself in the forehead more than anybody else in the world? Why do we celebrate? Fucking people? The only one I've ever saw the only one I've ever seen. And you all agree with this and I can already assume it guy to the game of operation. The whole game pulled everything out. 12.8 seconds.

Unknown Speaker  37:35  
Oh, wow. I couldn't

Steve  37:37  
get the thing out of the box in 12.8 seconds.

Raylene  37:39  
I mean, I feel like how long you can hold your breath. How you know like,

Unknown Speaker  37:44  
physical it's a physical Feat. That's a physical record

Unknown Speaker  37:46  
and like the hotdog eating status

Unknown Speaker  37:48  
that's that's Carnival but that's

Raylene  37:50  
still impressive. That's like the whole you know, collectibles do not belong in the Guinness Book of World

Steve  37:55  
I always think about the guy kicking himself in the forehead. Imagine easier for your fucking neighbor. And you will look out and be like, Oh, honey, come here. set another record. Jim's kicking him he just kicking himself in the forehead and just keep stopping the stopwatch. Oh, so that image? Why are we celebrating these people? Because your guess what, there's gonna be a guy named Rick that's gonna open the book and go, I could do it 138 times. And that's it just feeds the animal, right? Fuck the Guinness Book of World Records. suck them all. I enjoy your beer though. I'm gonna drink lots of it today. Not this time, but St. Patrick's Day and people. We have our distinguished guests, Marissa gray. She is a Community Education Officer from Chelsea Groton bank, and she's got all the facts on the credit. And mine is very poor. So we will have lots of advice from her. We'll be right back after a minute.

Raylene  38:44  
Curtis, where were you? I

Unknown Speaker  38:46  
thought you were gonna miss the podcast. I was grocery shopping. And it was rough. I had to run all over town to get everything on my list. And I got elbow dropped by a little old lady over a pack of toilet paper. I don't see what's so great about shopping. It's a pain. That's because

Raylene  38:59  
you're doing it wrong. I did all my shopping while we were on the last commercial break. And most of it will be here by the time the show was over. See what

Unknown Speaker  39:06  
how did you manage that? Did you get yourself a personal shopper? Nope.

Raylene  39:10  
Even better. instacart. Instead of having to play separate orders at every store, I can place one order for all my favorites from a variety of local grocery stores on instacart and they'll be delivered to my doorstep and it's fast as an hour. They even let you know when your favorite items go on sale. Sweet.

Unknown Speaker  39:26  
How can I get in on this? Just click the

Raylene  39:28  
link in the show notes that will let instacart know that we sent you and it'll help support our show. Not only that our listeners get free delivery on their first order over $35 so it's a win win for everyone

Unknown Speaker  39:39  
heading over there now instacart saving you time and money. Now that's undebatable

Keith  39:45  
you're listening to undebatable here's Raylene Curtis, Steve and Bradford.

Steve  39:53  
Welcome back. We have a very special guest with us. Marissa gray. Marissa is a community education author. For Chelsea Groton bank, she works each day to develop financial education, curriculum and resources available through Chelsea University, the bank's Community Education Program. She teaches several courses a week currently all available online for individuals, families and businesses on a wide variety of topics. And it's almost like, we knew you were coming. And I need you, Marissa. Thank you, and welcome to the undebatable podcast.

Unknown Speaker  40:25  
I'm super happy to be here.

Steve  40:27  
So I am one of those people where I try to differentiate what pour in fair is, and that, you know, pour is in the bourse thing in the world. Like I'm not all the way like when I look at my credit report, it's almost like when your gas tank is empty, and you're like, no, I can make it on the fumes, I can go a little bit lower. That's what I was feel like. So I really need your services. But what I would like to just have you explain is what exactly is crit? So if I'm a five year old, and you had explained to me what credit is, was his credit.

Unknown Speaker  40:56  
So credit is your reputation as a borrower. So if, for example, you might have a reputation, somebody might know you as something, right. So we don't know you at the bank, we may never have met you before your credit card company doesn't know who you are. They're they're looking at your credit score as your reputation as a borrower, whether you're a good bar, or bairbre, or a poor bar. So like

Steve  41:23  
if I was in my neighborhood credit is so if I lived in my neighborhood, and I kept borrowing 10 bucks from all my neighbors, and eventually I went to like the fifth neighbor. And he was like, Hey, dude, I heard about you. You kept borrowing 10 bucks from everybody. You haven't paid anybody back. I'm not giving you anything. Now, if I paid everybody back, if they go, Hey, y'all. Yeah, you can borrow 10 bucks. I've heard about you is that basically how the credit system works?

Unknown Speaker  41:44  
That is exactly how the credit system works. Right? I really

Raylene  41:47  
want to sing that song from the like, these are the people in your neighborhood.

Steve  41:58  
Yeah, thanks, Raylene.

Raylene  42:00  
I sang it off key. So I think we're fair.

Steve  42:04  
Sorry, what, very quickly, when I apply for like, almost like payday level loan credit cards, and I get denied. Does that mean I'm screwed on all up?

Raylene  42:13  
If they won't give you a I she doesn't have to tell you right now, if your payday loan people won't give you money, the neighborhood back on you, it seems

Steve  42:21  
like the credit card companies and I'm looking at are also doing payday loans.

Unknown Speaker  42:25  
Yeah, so you have to be a little bit careful about that. Because there are such things as predatory lending. So lenders that will lend you money, or they try to lend money to people with low credit scores, because they know that they're not going to be able to pay them back. So they get really high interest rates. And then you're basically never paying down the principal balance, which is that original amount that you spent, and you're only paying on interest the whole time, and they latch on to your bank accounts and, you know, take take money directly from your account, which you might not be able to afford to give

Raylene  43:05  
Why does one missed payment makes such a difference in your credit score?

Steve  43:09  
That's a good question.

Unknown Speaker  43:10  
Sure, it really does. Because when they calculate your credit score, part of it is your payment history. And depending upon which scoring model they're using, so whether they're using FIFO, which most banks use for cars and auto dealerships use for car loans, and home loans, or Vantage score, which a lot of credit cards use your payment history, meaning Are you paying every time on month, every month is either 35 to 40% of your credit score. So if you're missing payments, you're losing a very large chunk of that credit score calculation.

Raylene  43:47  
So the reason I even asked that is because I am religious about paying my credit card. Like I have never missed a payment on anything. But then one time I had a refund on my account and I was like, Okay, well that's the amount of my more than my payment would have been. So I was like, Okay, I don't have to pay this month because there was a decrease in the amount that I owed, and then they work and then I went to use my credit and they're like your credit card is frozen because you missed your payment. And I was like, Are you Are you fucking kidding me right now. There was a like, I got a refund from Carnival for $500 and you are not going to count that as a payment and then if I put my credit score so that's why I asked that because I don't think people realize that a credit to your account is not the same thing as payment. It's not,

Unknown Speaker  44:31  
it's not so they're refunding that money. So you don't actually owe that anymore, but you still owe your monthly payment because they're not the same thing. Right.

Raylene  44:39  
I feel like that's very important. And I feel like that you just learned something Steve.

Steve  44:43  
I did they sell snake oil. That's Yes,

Unknown Speaker  44:44  
they do.

Bradford   44:45  
So you just mentioned two different types of scores. I guess you could call them you mentioned FICO and advantage score are they calculated the exact same way they're not

Unknown Speaker  44:55  
so each credit scoring agency they look at what the credit So there are three credit reporting agencies, and that's Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax and both fica, which is the Fair Isaac Corporation, and Vantage score, which is a vantage score, take a look at all of the information from those credit reporting agencies, which is basically like a library of everybody's credit history. And then they each have their own algorithm, think Facebook, social media, and they determine what your credit score is, based on that they come in pretty close together. As far as points wise, they're not super far apart, but they do look at different things and weigh things a little bit differently. So for instance, Vantage score, they have 5% more on your payment history, meaning Are you paying on time every month, they're at 40%, for your payment history, where FICO is at 35%. So and Vantage score takes a look at what your total balances. So over all of your credit, they look at how much debt are you carrying, and fica looks at that, but in a different way. So they look at things a little bit differently, calculate scores a little bit differently. But in the end, percentage wise, they're really not that far off.

Bradford   46:15  
And what's interesting, too, is I'm switching gears here real quick, going more along the mortgage sort of home credit line, a lot of people may not know, and maybe you could speak to this a little bit. But once you're in that process, you've put your application in or maybe even perhaps you were pre approved, it's really important not to do anything from that point on with your credit that could impact it. Is that correct? So you're not making you're not applying for more cards, you're not taking out loans, right? Is that correct?

Unknown Speaker  46:42  
That is absolutely correct. And actually, if you want to apply for a home loan, you actually shouldn't do anything, you know, like six months to a year before that happens. Because a lot of people go out and buy a car. And unfortunately, well, sometimes that might you might need a car or something like that, if you do it too close to the time that you're going to get your mortgage, it can affect your credit adversely, because you're you have picked up a significant significant amount of debt, that they haven't really been able to see how that's going to work out yet. So it's really important not to do anything. And actually, absolutely, once you're in the process, we just refinance our house. And once you're in the process, they asked for our paperwork three or four times, because every time you're going through, they want the updated version. So making no changes, or at least bettering it is better, right? You don't want to make any adverse changes. Yeah.

Steve  47:37  
Marissa, so it's funny because like, I'm the bad credit guy, and everyone's asking questions about homes. I'm 36 years old, I have like poor credit, I want to buy a house. Is it logical? Because I know I can get there. What are the steps that you I can do to fix that credit? And also a little secondary question. I know that whole game of like, hey, if you make it last seven years, eight years, I don't know the number it comes off your credit seven. So like, I'm asking what I can do to fix my credit, slowly, but also the game of playing that, hey, well, that's gonna be off my report in seven years, should I even pay it? Sure.

Unknown Speaker  48:14  
So definitely seven to 10 years things stay on your credit, okay? paid debt looks better than unpaid debt. However, if you have unpaid debt for seven years, say you're on your six and your seven, it's gonna drop off. And you're like, yeah, I think I'm gonna go ahead and start paying on that, right? The minute that you start paying, and again, that re ups how long that's going to be.

Raylene  48:42  
God, just file bankruptcy, let

Unknown Speaker  48:45  
that shit go. So

Raylene  48:49  
he's having years,

Unknown Speaker  48:50  
he's on even longer. And if some of the debt is student loan debt that doesn't go away. So for my

Steve  48:56  
regular credit, can I just just in case, should I make the deals with the like, I shouldn't call the one 800 number agreed to the payment make the small payments, or should I kind of just pay as much as I possibly can afford every single week or month or however it works.

Unknown Speaker  49:10  
So there's two ways of thought of credit repair. And one is and you sound like maybe a guy that likes instant gratification type of situation, like,

Unknown Speaker  49:21  
do we know me?

Unknown Speaker  49:25  
So you probably want like the snowball method, right? So you're gonna choose the smallest card, the lowest amount of money that you have, and you're going to pay the minimum balance and everything else, but focus all your extra money on that small card, you're going to get it paid off, you're going to get it out of there. Do not close that account, cut up the car, do whatever you got to do, but don't close it out. Because the mistake that people make is they say I paid off this debt, I'm going to close out this car. The problem with that is is that your FICO score takes into account the amount that you owe. Over the amount that you have credit that you have extended to you. So if you pay an amount off and then close it out, you no longer have that credit extension

Steve  50:10  
to you. That helps me a lot. Because I'll just be honest with you, I had like, I have like two or three credit cards where I needed to pay bills, I got the highest like, whatever like credit limit I can get, which is like three or 500 bucks, I paid my bill, I just said screw it, I can survive today. So now I have, I think, three $300 credit card high interest credit cards, like those kind of predatory ones, where I just did it to survive today, because I was young, I was in my 20s. And I did it and I just left there. So say I pay off those debts, I should just leave the credit card still in existence. So even being at zero, I'll still get credit for being good credit.

Unknown Speaker  50:47  
So you want and not necessarily good credit. So here's what I would do to repair your credit. So there's some things that you could do, I would cut up two of them. Leave them

Raylene  50:58  
so you're not using them. You're just still paying interest.

Steve  51:00  
No, I just needed I was desperate need to pay my bills. So I just got a credit card and paid the bill as fast as I could.

Unknown Speaker  51:05  
Okay. Okay, so zero judgment zone. You know, it

Steve  51:08  
is what it is we can judge this. This is where I'm,

Raylene  51:11  
I mean, I'm a little bit judging him right now. Like, do you need $300 I will help you pay off their credit.

Unknown Speaker  51:16  
Okay. You know, so the the thing that you do, though, is to think about, where do you want to be? Where do you want to go, if you are thinking that you maybe want a house, it's going to take you a couple of years to get that fixed. It's not anything that's going to happen right away, you probably need three to five years. If it's been bad for quite some time, you probably need three to five years of pretty steady good credit usage to be able to build up up to a homebuy but you would probably be surprised at how quickly you can build your credit once you've gotten rid of the debt that you're normally paying off. So get it paid off, get it paid down and then just put a tank of gas on one of those cards every month and pay it oh

Steve  51:59  
my god so my dad my dad is what as I get older I realized that like there's dad lessons a mom lessons are they told me these things all my life and I'm like, whatever. Don't even know what that means. What are you talking? You screwed up something my dad has told me that my whole life he's like, get a credit card, get gas on it. And that's it. And wow, I feel so stupid. And I feel like idiot 10 year old again. Marissa, thank you for all your advice. We're gonna flip it around on you right now though. We We call this the lightning round. And that is the most dramatic setup to this ever. Because these are gonna be really easy questions where you just answer straight up this or that. So I asked everybody this what is your favorite swear?

Unknown Speaker  52:40  
Oh, probably shit more than anything else.

Steve  52:43  
Yeah, like that nice

Raylene  52:44  
mountains or beach beach? Definitely.

Bradford   52:46  
Would you ever wear socks with sandals? Whoa, no. Right?

Raylene  52:52  
Always ask because I know people that do. I mean, his question is so good. And you're just dumb. Listen, I

Unknown Speaker  52:56  
know people that do that. I have to know how many people are Yeah, when you're coming

Steve  53:00  
up on that yellow and you know what's gonna flip the red before you get there? Do you punch it? Or do you slow down?

Unknown Speaker  53:06  
It depends on how close I am. If I think I can make it in a reasonable time. I don't want to slam my brakes on me hit me either. So you know if I think I could make it I go for it. Hot dogs or hamburgers. hamburgers. Darn it. Mine

Bradford   53:21  
was food related to spicy or mild, mild. Got it?

Steve  53:25  
Maria, you have survived the lightning round. Right? No bull. Those

Raylene  53:29  
are all correct answers.

Steve  53:31  
We would love to thank Marissa gray. She is a Community Education Officer for Chelsea grad and bank. She has helped me significantly for free for a lot of my credit issues.

Raylene  53:43  
Asked me I'm a grown up. Well, no

Steve  53:46  
one. There's no grown up class in high school man. Okay, so I don't know what to explain. But thank you again, Marissa gray for joining us and educating all of us. Well, that was educational. But I feel even shittier than I walked in here today.

Raylene  54:01  
Because you were just thinking to yourself, how am I gonna marry that girl and buy her a house and I still have to wait.

Steve  54:08  
That's the punchline to the rest of

Unknown Speaker  54:12  
the house.

Steve  54:13  
Do you know my girlfriend does for a living?

Unknown Speaker  54:15  
Yes. You've told me she works at a bank.

Steve  54:17  
She does what Marissa does. Yeah, I'm fucking good, man. As long as I'm

Unknown Speaker  54:21  
sure she'll take care of you.

Steve  54:23  
Yes, she's young. She's pretty and she's smart. And she works at a bank.

Raylene  54:27  
Do you put a ring on that before she realizes that you're you?

Steve  54:33  
jp morgan. No. I got to put a baby in her in that

Unknown Speaker  54:37  
last scene.

Raylene  54:40  
I think you're valuable. You would make a great partner.

Steve  54:44  
Yeah, I'd be a great fucking house. Dad. You would There you go. Shame to but I took birth in high school.

Bradford   54:50  
Great. Your dad bod would all make sense.

Raylene  54:53  
I'm just kidding. No, it's perfect.

Unknown Speaker  54:55  
It's perfect. And so

Raylene  54:56  
like you, you could like literally do your rating really

Steve  55:01  
feels differently. I feel like judging from Brad.

Raylene  55:05  
I think you're handsome. Coast Guard Bradford

Steve  55:11  
I joined the Coast Guard and I have a fear of fucking the water.

Raylene  55:14  
I also have the fear of the water.

Unknown Speaker  55:16  
Oh man. Listen, I

Bradford   55:17  
get to hang out with Steve twice this week because on Friday we've got the blood drive.

Steve  55:21  
Oh yeah, I'm excited to get my blood I would be really excited to friggin Red Cross and Rhode Island Blood Center. I'm calling you out with some calling, calling.

Unknown Speaker  55:29  

Raylene  55:31  
I listened on my phone. They're automatically listed as potential spam. And I did not I say

Steve  55:36  
that in a joking frustration because I I'm not even kidding. I got called on Thanksgiving morning. And 930 in the morning from the Rhode Island Blood Center. I donated blood there. And it was the sweetest lady in the world that called I was really annoyed because I'm like really calling you make people work on things. He was our answer. And I'm like, hello. And she's like,

Unknown Speaker  55:54  
Hi, this is Steven. I'm like I am

Steve  55:57  
because apparently a very rare blood that everybody wants. So they're like harassing me like they're like the regular people be negative who knew that everyone wants to be negative baby? Yeah, I don't even write that down. that just came out rare. Yeah.

Raylene  56:09  
Do you actually know your blood type, though? No, it's

Unknown Speaker  56:11  
been negative. It's okay.

Raylene  56:13  
So you know what i have rare as

Steve  56:15  
good of a wordplay. I just did the you don't even notice what I just played.

Raylene  56:17  
I still have antibodies from COVID. So where are we going Friday?

Unknown Speaker  56:22  
The Holiday Inn in Norwich?

Raylene  56:25  
I'll do for this next one. I'm going to be there.

Steve  56:27  
I forgot what time the broadcast

Unknown Speaker  56:28  
is live broadcasting.

Unknown Speaker  56:29  
I mean, I'm in charge of the week.

Steve  56:30  
I don't know what time it is Sarah loving it to something like that. Oh, it is Friday. Actually, it makes ericom I Why don't we make your daughter work for free till 12. context. daughter is interning at my radio station and helping us out and she's amazing. And

Raylene  56:47  
well, then why? Why can't she just be there? That's up to your daughter's choice.

Steve  56:52  
I might tell her she's gonna work till two o'clock for free. Well, she

Raylene  56:54  
can't you just be there from 11 to 12.

Unknown Speaker  56:57  
Yeah, if you want to see. She can learn

Unknown Speaker  56:59  
your daughter's

Steve  57:00  
phone number. Right. I do want to see her you can probably just call her.

Raylene  57:04  
No, I'm just I'm just saying it would be fun. However, do a little thing.

Bradford   57:08  
I'll be there. He'll be there. It's gonna be great. It's super fun. Are you giving blood? I can't I'm gay.

Steve  57:14  
Oh, are you serious?

Unknown Speaker  57:15  
I'm dead serious? Yeah, if you have. And this is an exact way you just

Raylene  57:19  
not tell them. You're gay?

Unknown Speaker  57:20  
No, well, I can't like the Red Cross. Guys.

Unknown Speaker  57:24  
I'm proud of that.

Raylene  57:25  
Listen, I wouldn't give blood that long. And I don't think they asked me whether or not I was homosexual.

Bradford   57:30  
Well, it's only for men. So the Red Cross is on the questionnaire it is it says Are you a man who has slept with a man in the last three months?

Raylene  57:39  
I have seen that. And I am never a man. There's

Steve  57:41  
letters? No, I don't remember right option either. Which

Bradford   57:44  
is yes or no. And for all of you out there who say well, shame on the Red Cross, it's actually not them. It's the FDA. And every Red Bank across America has to follow these same rules. So

Raylene  57:54  
so if you're gay, you just can't get blood.

Bradford   57:56  
If you've had sex in the last three months, then no, which I guess. Are you Wait,

Steve  58:02  
did I not know this that women can't carry any blood borne diseases? Wow.

Raylene  58:07  
No, that's true. That's fat. I

Unknown Speaker  58:09  
never knew that was fact

Raylene  58:10  
that I have I have all

Steve  58:12  
those things I've wasted money on

Raylene  58:14  
I have covered that on my less talk about only

Steve  58:20  
only gay people carry diseases, not everybody.

Raylene  58:24  
I have actually talked about that on my let's test not even the name of my podcast.

Unknown Speaker  58:29  
Let me tell you what the name of your podcast Thank you. stand up comedy,

Raylene  58:33  
comedy sex it? Will you bought it?

Unknown Speaker  58:35  
It's good. 99

Bradford   58:37  
It doesn't do anything in that. Because if Curtis was here, he'd be like, let's talk about Oh,

Steve  58:42  
that's a problem. We're off of the guys. Yeah,

Raylene  58:45  
that's what happens if he's not here to absorb his and this one just drinks one half a glass of wine.

Steve  58:51  
I will finish it keep refilling.

Unknown Speaker  58:53  
I've got like two minutes.

Raylene  58:55  
Anyway, the point is I have had that conversation. And there was on one of my podcast episodes, there was a girl who was told by her sex ed teachers say no that women mocks Yeah, yeah. But he was she was told by her sex ed teacher that women could not get sexually transmitted diseases

Steve  59:15  
was the teacher a man or a woman? He was a man. Yeah, in in a tech school probably had a lot of transmitted diseases

Raylene  59:22  
I might have while he worked at a tech school. Well, on that note,

Steve  59:26  
we always find some weird fucked up way to end the show. We would love to thank Marissa gray for joining the show and helping me out with my horrible credit. And thank you for listening to the undebatable podcast. We'll be back next week. As long as we survived St. Patty's Day and drink it up by

Keith  59:45  
you've been listening to undebatable finally a show proving that people can disagree and still have fun, like it ought to be. We hope you had fun too. And we'll be back soon. Until then. join in the conversation. with us on our website at www dot undebatable dot show or connect with us on social media, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. We'll see you next time. Until then, this is undebatable signing off.

Miria Gray


Miria Gray is the Community Education Officer for Chelsea Groton Bank. She works each day to develop financial education curriculum and resources available through Chelsea University, the Bank’s Community Education program. She teaches several courses a week, currently all available online, for individuals, families and businesses, on a wide variety of topics.