Oct. 20, 2020

Pilot - TEST RUN

Pilot - TEST RUN

Join your hosts: Raylene, Curtis, Steve and Bradford for a special edition of Undebatable. The first ever Pilot Episode - The Test Run! In this episode we cover Covid-19 Stimulus, Crazy Woman on flight and Lilly James hot trip with a special someone.  

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Keith  0:01  
trivia time. What happens when you put for highly opinionated friends? For microphones and breaking news and controversial topics in a blender? You get one hell of a podcast.This is undebatable A hysterical and thought provoking podcast that sees for friends from different backgrounds debate hot button issues that affect our modern world hot button issues.Four quick witted hosts, events, political news, pop culture news or weird news, we're talking about it. This is undebatable and here are your hosts Raylene, Curtis, Steve and Bradford.

Bradford   0:50  
Hello, and welcome to the very first episode. This is the inaugural episode of undebatable. And I am Bradford we've got our other hosts here. Raylene Cruz and Steve I'll let you guys say hi. 

Raylene  1:04  

Bradford   1:04  

Curtis  1:05  

Steve  1:06  
Well, I'm just doing regular Hello, now. You're just just starting my practice minds on it. Hey, hello.

Bradford   1:16  
How's everyone's? How's everyone's week?

Steve  1:20  
Um, I've had two Mondays somehow. Today is Monday again. And I wish it was Sunday. But um, yeah, I guess tomorrow is gonna be Tuesday. Again.

Bradford   1:29  
That's exciting. Does

Steve  1:30  
Does that exexplain it?

Bradford   1:31  
That that does,

Curtis  1:32  
in some odd way that explained to my life.

Raylene  1:35  
That was weird, because that's what I was thinking earlier today. I'm like today is that Monday is Tuesday that I've ever had.

Steve  1:41  
The nice thing is that like, it's, it's like the it's like the universe right now. everyone I meet is miserable, and their life sucks. And I'm like, okay, it's just what's going on, like maybe a week from now. I'll be funding Yeah, 

Bradford   1:52  
I was supposed to have off of work today. And I had to cover for this girl that work with 

Steve  1:56  
what's her name? 

Bradford   1:57  
So her name is Kathy. 

Steve  1:58  
Kathy, how dare you. 

Bradford   2:00  
Kathy helped me out, actually, I have to say she helped me out. Because see, there was this fundraiser going on on Saturday that I had to participate in. Yeah. And it was to raise money for a great cause. And I was supposed to work Saturday. So at work, we can do this little thing called a shift swap. So she was like, I'll work for you on Saturday. So you can go be a part of this great fundraiser and in return. You work for me on your Tuesday off and I was like, You know what? That sounds like a plan. Thank you very much.

Steve  2:26  
That's like service schedules.

Curtis  2:27  
What went wrong?

Bradford   2:29  
What went wrong? 

Raylene  2:30  
He had to pick up that, that that shift, right?

Curtis  2:32  
You're explaining that way too? Well as if she did you a favor? 

Bradford   2:35  
She did? She did me a solid.

Curtis  2:39  
What was the fundraiser? Actually,

Bradford   2:40  
the fundraiser was the 1000 burpee challenge. And it was to raise money for youth sports.

Steve  2:47  
Were multiple people doing these or

Raylene  2:50  
funny because I'm not doing the burpees don't do

Bradford   2:52  
so I am athletically inclined like, I don't know anything about sports or fitness. So when my friend Steve said he was doing a burpee challenge. I literally thought they like line babies up that were just like bottle fed. If you like, seriously, like this baby's got a burps that babies.

Steve  3:14  
Sounds like a Japanese like Game Show. Right?

That's great. They really thought that?

Unknown Speaker  3:19  
Yes. Oh, you should

Bradford   3:21  
have seen the look on his like, what kind of fundraising

Steve  3:23  

Unknown Speaker  3:24  
People told me.

Curtis  3:27  
What was your top donation?

Bradford   3:30  
I think he got like, top $200. So $100. Yeah, to watch him do without a watch this? Yeah. How long did it take? It took him an hour and 40 minutes.

Raylene  3:41  
Why was it one person did the burpees?

Bradford   3:43  
No. So here's what's really great, the local police department came out and sent their guys and they were exercising along side civilians. And the you know, I will say the police had to rotate out so like a police officer would do like 50. And he'd be like, tagged out by another police officer who would come in in his place, whereas the civilians were doing all 1000 on their own. So it kind of made the police look like pussies, and

Raylene  4:12  
I love it. No, they just had more work to do and they couldn't be exhausted.

Steve  4:16  
Sure. Hello, what's the what's the burpee?

Raylene  4:19  
You know what a burpee is?

Steve  4:20  
No, I sound like it sounds like I have no interest in learning what it is. No, no,

Raylene  4:23  
it's you jump down with your hands down and then you jump to a plank and then you jump and then you come back up again. So

Steve  4:31  
that's the most Look at me aerobics I've ever heard

Raylene  4:34  
it's it's aggressive. Really. I can't even do it because I can't bend far enough to get down. So I do like a squatty. Yeah.

Steve  4:43  
an hour and 40 people sat there for an hour and 40 minutes. Can I just first one? It was it? Was that how it worked? If you want to leave you have to give money?

Bradford   4:50  
No. So you don't like it a five k road race to get sponsors. They're like I'll pay run so people sponsored and they're like They're like, I'll give you, you know, $100, which $100 divided by 1000 equates to X amount per burpee, right. So you basically paid whatever amount you did and that equated to $1 per burpee. Yes. How many did you do? Oh, I didn't do any work. No, he

Raylene  5:15  
was just there. I look like, I

Curtis  5:18  
never judge a book by its cover. I just figured it out.

Raylene  5:20  
No, I actually thought burpees were burping babies. He obviously did not do an actual burpee.

Bradford   5:25  
But when I did learn how to do them, I did five and I was done.

Raylene  5:29  
Yeah, they're hard. Five, I was done.

Steve  5:31  
I never thought I would hear the word burpee so much. I really didn't wake up and be like, I'm gonna hear a burpee. 145 times does that

Raylene  5:40  
when somebody says burpee? I'm like, is that the cucumbers?

Steve  5:45  
No, it was an exercise. Sounds like somebody's doing a bedroom more than

Raylene  5:50  

Unknown Speaker  5:51  
My friend

Steve  5:52  
gave me a burpee last night, man. Like that sounds way more than that than exercise.

Curtis  5:59  
You gave a whole new meaning to burp. Yeah.

Steve  6:01  
I'm using

Bradford   6:03  
God. That's crazy. Well, let's dive into some hot topics. There's been a lot going on in the news lately. And, you know, we've got this pandemic that continues to wreak havoc on not only our country, but our world. And here in the United States, throughout the country, there are tons of people that are struggling. We've got folks that are laid off. So without a job, we've got companies that can't continue to pay their employees that could use a little bit more of that pp. e. you know, loans. To a

Steve  6:37  
Yeah, it's gotta pay it. The government limit

Raylene  6:41  
is it not up? That's personal protective equipment.

Bradford   6:44  
Right. Okay. So there's my pee

Steve  6:46  
you got that makes out of

Raylene  6:49  
pandemic unemployment assistance, unemployment assistance.

Curtis  6:53  
Get one of those Trump texts.

Steve  6:55  
I didn't even get my stimulus check. You haven't

Bradford   6:58  
gotten your stimulus? Check it?

Steve  6:59  
No, they probably looked at my Facebook feed. And they're like, Nah, make this guy. Wait. I get it. Wow. Yeah, that's, um, that's rolling over here. Bam,

Raylene  7:06  
you should check and see where it went.

Steve  7:09  
No, it's a very long ordeal. They won.

Curtis  7:13  
They won.

Raylene  7:14  
I have a friend who found out that her father who she's never met claimed her on his taxes. And so her stimulus check went to him.

Steve  7:22  
Well, Alicia is finally acknowledging her existence.

Raylene  7:28  
Like a birthday card out of

Curtis  7:30  
the silver lining.

Bradford   7:33  
That really stinks. Well, you know, it's crazy, because you've got both sides of the aisle here. And they just can't come to an agreement. And I feel like we the people elect them to make sound judgments and decisions that can help us. And they're not doing that. It's akin to like, a bunch of kindergartners on a playground fighting over a ball.

Curtis  7:57  
Sounds accurate?

Raylene  7:58  
Yeah, I think it is not even their ball.

Bradford   8:00  
And I'm not even there.

Steve  8:02  
Give me my fallback, man. Hey, you all should go home? Yeah, well, I think like the real failure of the whole thing is no matter how much you think it should be, or what side you are, politically, is that these guys are supposed to have this done before their vacation in August. Like they were like, We were like giving them crap. Because they're like, what you're going on vacation. It's November, like, where are you? Like, well, that to me is really the failure for everybody no matter where the election? They're always Yeah, like, Oh, no, we're gonna get it done before the election, right? Because they need their jobs. Yes. What would you do? And I know, it's just so sad that, like, how can we just get rid of all of them? Like we're all sick of it, but how does it How did these same people keep coming back the next year? Like, they're like Arby's, the Real

Curtis  8:43  
News. Have you seen Nigeria? Have you seen what they've done when they overturn their government?

Steve  8:48  
Well, they use like, like tanks and stuff. Right works, I guess.

Curtis  8:55  
Other countries are doing relatively, I was

Raylene  8:57  
thinking it but I'm like, I'm not getting on any watch list.

Steve  9:00  
It seems to create some animosity for the next group that comes in. But yes, I agree. It's very, very effective.

Curtis  9:07  
animosity. I think we get that every time we get Trump.

Steve  9:10  
There may be some flags rolling down November 4,

Raylene  9:12  
it doesn't matter which President we get. There's animosity every time every single bring in the tanks. I mean, every single President is going to be the worst thing that ever happened. Every single president celebrities threatened to leave the country and they stay right. Which president will actually make them leave

Bradford   9:29  
this time the President threatened to leave the country, but that's only because he doesn't want to go to jail.

Curtis  9:34  
Get a president that's threatening to do anything. To me. Actually, that's a President

Raylene  9:38  
Joe Biden's threatening to do anything he doesn't even know is in the election.

Curtis  9:45  
And there's that, can you tell who we're voting for?

Raylene  9:49  
Well, we're not saying anything. There's a reason it's private voting.

Curtis  9:53  
Can we go back to

Raylene  9:54  
that I actually miss when everybody kept their mouth shut. Yeah, actually maybe great

Curtis  9:59  
because there's time Where I want to get all my friends on social media for voting for Trump. But then I'm like, Who am I to tell you who to vote for who not to, they bring up some really valid points outside of racism and being a bigot, but like on top of policy and things that you've actually done, and then worrying about their paycheck, I cannot hate a man for worrying about his work.

Steve  10:18  
I look at it like it's like, it's like having sex with someone like, you're not gonna openly criticize someone to physic you're banging this person, what the hell's wrong with you, behind the scenes, but I can't believe he's begging that fat ugly chick. You know what I mean? So like, it's the same with the boat, like, I'm not gonna be rude to your face, but like behind the scenes, is at a vote for Trump over. I don't know what's wrong with them. Just you gotta respect it at the same time.

Bradford   10:41  
I've said it flat out to my brother, he votes. He likes Trump. And I'm like, you're a moron. And I'm like, let me explain why. Cuz, and I saw this post on Facebook, and I love it. Because it you know, it's like, if you truly love someone, don't vote for the person that's going to do them harm. And I'm like, that is Trump for me. Like literally, my marriage will depend on Trump getting elected the second time because if he does away with why marriage,

Raylene  11:11  
he's not going to do that. He didn't do it in the four years he was in Why would I do it now? Right? That's the thing. I'm really getting tired of all these people saying he's gonna get rid of abortion. He's gonna get rid of gay marriage. He's already in office, he was going to do that he would have done that

Curtis  11:25  
one other position is above

Steve  11:29  
your if there's that it's now going the other way. So those are the Supreme Court would be around.

Raylene  11:37  
We have the tanks.

Steve  11:40  
Yeah, they're gonna be painted rainbow.

Bradford   11:43  
Coming through a street near you see

Curtis  11:44  
what they did with the hashtag.

Raylene  11:46  
I know. But I just I feel like there's like for I don't know, since 19 1970, whatever. They keep saying they're gonna overturn Roe v. Wade, they're gonna, it's been like 40 years. They're not fucking overturning it. There's too many people in this country who have had an abortion or need an abortion or wish they had an abortion. They're not we're not doing that we're not doing it. The whole entirety of the country would not stand for it. The 10% who can't keep their freakin mouth shut are the ones who have everybody scared. sure we're out of money.

Steve  12:17  
And where it where it comes to like the people that voted for him. Yes, we do see the morons. But at the end of the day, there was 40 million people that voted for the guy. So there was a lot of like my parents age people that were like, hey, we've been doing the same shit for 30 years. So like, let's let's try something different. And now we've seen that it blew up in your face like, hey, I've dated like the nice librarians. Let's go date a stripper. Like that didn't work. Right?

Curtis  12:39  
Well, could we you know, being practical. It was cool.

Steve  12:43  
In the beginning. It was awesome. It was fun. It was exciting. It was something new. And now it's a disaster. And now we need to go but but the more we call them morons, which there are a large group that deserve it. We entrench the whole group even more every single time they're just the entrenchment from that side is so in my opinion, so understandable. I don't agree with it. But I psychologically understand why. Like, we think they're gonna wake up tomorrow, but you guys are right. That's never gonna happen. Ever, ever, ever, ever gonna happen?

Curtis  13:14  
Well, I realized informed voters were voting when I realized nobody cared about local elections and all they cared about federal, yes, as we were alluding to before, there's a checks and balance system. So whereas the president is the highest man elected to the nation, they're still the Supreme Court. They're still the House of Representatives, they're still senators, they're still governors, the President can say, hey, let's build a wall. That wall has not been built, as we discussed in prior conversations. There's also Florida who said, we're gonna do what we want. You don't have to wear masks here. You could literally go to Miami and go party on Miami Beach right now. No mass, no, anything. True. governors have power. So do you know local elected officials? So we're as we worry about Trump so much. What about local officials? That's how I know people are just listening to propaganda, and what that 10,000,010% of our universe tells us what to do.

Bradford   14:01  
And that's true. I mean, they are the loudest voice there. They're what concerns me and the other thing that concerns me. So there are certain things that federal does supersede state so we can have all the state laws we want. But like in my relationship, we're going through currently in immigration process. So if gay marriage is overturned, let's say that Amy Coney Barrett gets on the Supreme Court, and they decide to bring this topic up and it is overturned. Then my immigration proceedings go down the toilet, because immigration is a federal issue. So they base marriage off of the federal issue, not the fact that we live in Connecticut, and it's legal. One question, Who told you that she's going to overturn this? Does she say

Curtis  14:41  

Bradford   14:42  
No to judges who sit currently on the Supreme Court said

Raylene  14:45  
might maybe come up again, does maybe doesn't that sound like telephone

Curtis  14:49  

Raylene  14:50  
She said, he said, You know, he sounds like me. Does anybody watch Big Brother? Every single time somebody is absolutely sure what's going to happen in Big Brother. It does not happen and there sitting there going, listen, if you kick me out of the house, then this is going to happen. And then that is going to happen. And then none of that happens. There's a lot of fear that's running this. And I'm just I told another one of my girlfriends, it's not going to happen. There's too many people on your side to let that happen.

Curtis  15:15  
There are too many gays on Twitter.

Bradford   15:16  
Yes, hashtag proud boys.

Raylene  15:22  
Exactly. Get out of my country. I mean, but I've got a very good gay friend who is very vocal, and he's very Republican. He's not worried about it. But there's just, it's there's so much fear based advertising. And somebody said the other day, they said, If Trump gets elected, he's going to make it so that you're off your parent's insurance at 18. And I said, You do know that Trump's in office now, right? You know that if he was going to do it, he would have done it. Also, I googled it. There's no one article that I can find anywhere that says he was even considering it. So somebody just made a meme, put it out there and everybody shared it. Oh, he's gonna take away your health insurance.

Steve  16:06  
And that's like, I mean, I, I've stopped watching the news a couple years ago. I mean, like, I was always on the left side leaning news, but I would filter it through my head. And now every time we turn it on, it's just he who cried wolf, who cried wolf, he cried, and then it gets lost in the vacuum of there was a school shooting a couple years ago. And like, what only five kids died, so it wasn't good enough to be on the news. I watched msnbc from seven o'clock till 10 o'clock at night, not a single mention not even the last 10 sec. It was on the runner on the bottom, you don't think did for a whole hour block Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, today, shut it off. And when you guys aren't doing anything, either, you're just you're just crying over here. They're celebrating over on the right side. And they're just they're banking in the middle on CNN. And that's just we just lost all idea of what reality is now we just, we just go find our own. It's like a TV channel. I don't like this, I'm going to change.

Curtis  16:58  
Oh, here we go. That's literally a problem. And I do believe I believe what you're saying, like Trump has never said he's gonna do x. He's had four years to do that. But I also think he, each president that comes in is working in a system that was already created before them, right. So they also have to figure out factfinder and see what they can legally do. And that's one thing I learned being elected official as well, is a lot of things we thought we were going to be able to do. We cannot do. It's kind of a moving train. Right. So you got to kind of catch up and see what legislation you can pass

Steve  17:25  
on it. You can bring this back to the senators or if you're a 20 years, if you're Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer, you're these john mccain's like you are around. You have so much power and political mitch mcconnell is capable of doing if you are you could easily argue who's more powerful. Right, President or Mitch McConnell, right. Like I would say mitch mcconnell's got away more than any bad influence that comes in he I mean, he moved around Obama, like it was nothing, because he's got moves like that, because the president is just at four years you'll be gone. I mean, that's all there is to do.

Curtis  17:56  
That's what's more scary. The people behind Trump actually got him from the guy who did you find you're fired on reality TV, the actual president of United States? I still can't get over that.

Raylene  18:06  
I go back to when, when the election was happening, and I and I've said this a million times. It's not the president. It's the other people. There's one human in the front and and what is the thing now what how many years is the Biden mitt in like 42? Pelosi has been in a number of years. So Trump's been in for years? And he's the cause of all of this, right?

Steve  18:26  
I don't think so. No, I mean, it's almost like like everyone else poured the gas. And then he threw the fucking mortgage on it. You know,

Bradford   18:34  
what was already there? He wasn't pouring gas. He's trying to drain the swamp.

Steve  18:37  
Oh, yeah. My bet is that swamp gas, the gas is remaining. All

Curtis  18:42  
he had to do was come out and say there is a black agenda. And that was it. He can come back to us. It's not like Biden told us what his black agenda was. All Trump had to do was acknowledge black people left the gays on Twitter alone. And he'd been a lot better predicting, but I truly believe so people value money in America. And that American dream, which is usually people that are immigrants who get to come here and do more than the average black person can. But I truly think you'd win this election, if at the very least, he acknowledged people of color, and the gays

Steve  19:11  
and I chose like the the lack of ability from the democratic side is that they've done they've just said, Hey, I'm not him.

Curtis  19:19  
They're either old or they're progressive. There's like two Democratic Parties right now.

Raylene  19:23  
I feel like he's he's got to be very careful, because I've heard him say things that seemed completely reasonable to me. And then other people have just destroyed it. They're like, Did you hear what he said? They rewrite. So what no matter no matter what he says, no matter what any person says, and I'm not. And for the record, I did not vote for Trump. So let's not throw it. That's not my fault. Right. But when it comes right down to it, no matter what you say, somebody will take it, somebody will twist it, somebody will make it bad. It doesn't matter who says it. So it's better off to not say anything, right.

Steve  19:57  
Just go out and then And that's where that's where it stands out when he actually says some wild shit like that disaster interview he had. Well, who's gonna listen because every day like I said, for four and a half hours on every new cycle every day, your co he said this Oh, he said that, oh, he did this. He tweeted this. Like, there's nothing he had to inject bleach. Yeah, there's nothing left to get

Curtis  20:19  
upset. Just imagine millions of educated or impoverished Americans or not Americans, people that live here in America, getting this information. Oh, exactly how

Raylene  20:31  
you want it,

Curtis  20:32  
like, whereas we're good, we understand that it's propaganda and we probably shouldn't drink rage, but someone out there

Bradford   20:38  
that's trapped. They're just gonna ruin that reverse and who, you know, looks to the president as the leader of this country and says, Oh, he's the example he's for the propaganda that spurred by media or crazy people that are bots on the internet, because not everything's in

Curtis  20:51  
Yeah, you know, some things are twist. Yeah.

Bradford   20:52  
Speaking of crazy people, changing routes, you're just a second, there was a woman who was on a plane between Ireland and Scotland. She was an irate massless woman who would not follow the airline's rules to wear a mask and screamed, everybody dies. That was on a flight during this past Sunday. thoughts. I mean, that's how

Steve  21:17  
I feel after I get through the TSA lines. Yeah,

Raylene  21:19  
I think I spent some time probably at one of the bars write out a few pints.

Curtis  21:24  
I'm sorry, this sounds like a horrible situation.

Raylene  21:27  
But it's true. Everyone does die, but the whole sneezing and coughing on people? How did somebody not get up and just fucking lay her out? So

Steve  21:35  
it's so perfect. You said that so I've been arguing in my personal life that there should be a legal stipulation of where you can punch someone in the face. That's not I'm not even joking to her like the situation arises right? This lady coughs with my kid. I want to hit a woman. But guess what? You just cough maybe put a virus in my kid's face and I knock you out on the plane. We go to court. The judge assesses the situation and goes Ma'am, you deserved it. You have a good day. You have a good day no charges no waste of time. Next time that lady gets up the coffin someone's face. She's not gonna

Raylene  22:08  
because she got hit in the face. To be fair, she would probably be charged with assault. Because she purposely coughed on somebody

Steve  22:14  
that is assault. I boy Of course I'm not saying I want to punch the lady in the face. No, exactly. I feel like the rest of like if society function that way. So violent now that I said out loud, but I feel like next time like if it was me, and I acted like an asshole What if I know I could talk shit to your face? Do anything I want to get you to hit me and then you go to jail. What the hell kind of world is that?

Curtis  22:37  
Personally, I want to profile every person that was on that plane that she just literally coughed on like they literally allowed her to cough like you coughed on my

Bradford   22:45  
return curse words. They didn't physically fight but some passengers did return curse words. Well,

Raylene  22:50  
that's that's just

Bradford   22:53  
I know. I mean, she was injured by that she

Steve  22:56  
is very there is a zero percent chance this was Spirit Airlines.

Raylene  23:00  
No worse it was.

Steve  23:04  
That easy. Spirit is like Jerry Springer in this sky. Have you seen the things that happened? I was thinking frontier spirit. That's it.

Raylene  23:12  
No, this is the European version. Easy jet. There you can even bring your handbag on everything. Like you if you bring anything bigger than a handbag you have. Yeah, my daughter's flew all over Europe on them. So

Curtis  23:26  
it's this fear of overseas?

Raylene  23:28  
Yes, it is. Basically the Spirit Airlines. Well,

Curtis  23:30  
clearly they don't go from

Steve  23:32  
zero to one now. It just proves that there's so much more plate than we are coughed on. That's what I said in the profiles on these folks. Like why were they so polite in a non pandemic world if you

Curtis  23:42  
coughed or just like coffee she went by with an attitude she like leaned in and like almost like just shouted,

Steve  23:47  
you know what kind of coffee

Raylene  23:51  
Oh, that's the I've been smoking since I was born cough for sure.

Curtis  23:54  
But I'm not gonna lie. I felt her pain, her sadness or energy, all of it. And that last shot she took?

Bradford   24:02  
Yeah, you can check out the video on YouTube. It's pretty crazy. That's pretty insane. It's a

Curtis  24:07  
must watch. I will say that definitely

Bradford   24:09  
is. Um, lastly here, Lily James. She's, she's dating. Like an old guy. She's 31. He's 51. I take offense at the old guy. And well, I mean compared to her age. Look, that's that's a 20 year difference between Dominic West and contact. Who are they?

Raylene  24:29  
I'm sorry. He's got money and so that makes him 31 rich.

Bradford   24:34  
And also

Raylene  24:35  
married. He's married. Who is she? She too. He is married to a interior designer like a famous interior designer, some in London I think England and then Lily James is an actress. She played the most recent Cinderella she was on Downton Abbey she was on on Mamma mia on the

Steve  24:57  
the dump the Downton Abbey Downton Abbey, why is that to be like that?

Raylene  25:02  
I don't know. Where do you watch this stuff out? PBS? That's why, yeah, well actually now it's all on now. It's all on Netflix, or Hulu.

Curtis  25:09  
Maybe I was gonna access it on the Disney plus, well, I know Disney, what a suite at the whole day Hotel de la ville would cost

Raylene  25:18  
in America money 500 and $9 million. Oh, that's not bad. I said it's

Curtis  25:22  
like my gosh, room. I think that's pandemic prices. But

Raylene  25:26  
it's probably pandemic prices,

Steve  25:27  
triplet to 1500. That's still we'd have

Bradford   25:30  
to get there in five days. Even a caveman could do it. That's

Steve  25:34  
if you're publicly cheating on your wife with a woman who's 20 years younger than you you can afford me. All

Curtis  25:39  
I want to know is how much it cost may

Raylene  25:41  
be he's not cheating. Maybe they have an open relationship. Maybe they are in a non monogamous situation.

Curtis  25:49  
What if they're just friends hugging each other? They both did a little bit test and they were excited to embrace.

Raylene  25:53  
I took one on Sunday night. How did it go? Oh, you know what?

I came back it came back negative like right

Steve  26:02  
before I left the house, a week long podcast.

Raylene  26:06  
We live here now. Now my father in law is coming to stay with us. So my husband wanted to go get them. And I this is my second one. And I get them just keep the negative numbers up. Oh, thank you

Curtis  26:20  
for contributing to society. Right? Right.

Raylene  26:22  
Because if all you're testing is the people who think they're sick or think they might have it, then the positive numbers the rate of the number of people getting tested

Curtis  26:30  
positive, no different than the lady coughing on the plane. She just wanted to help out humanity heard

Steve  26:37  
you. So you're doing the opposite of what these guys are doing? Because they're just they're just covering up all over the place. kissing on each other.

Curtis  26:44  
Yeah, exchanging tongue in a suite that costs $600.

Bradford   26:47  
In the airport,

Raylene  26:48  
right out in the open. The wife said that they were still happily married. So they could have an arrangement. And it's none of our judge. I

Curtis  26:58  
just thought about that. Like, have we've never been in a predicament or an entanglement.

Steve  27:03  
Right? I have no comment. Never.

Raylene  27:04  
And and isn't really the issue that they're 20 years difference? Because that's actually not that uncommon.

Curtis  27:11  
No, I think it's smart. Looking. Young. Have you guys not learned from rain chips? Like mark my girl? Well,

Steve  27:16  
11 years younger than me.

Raylene  27:18  
But what then will? Smith's wife did it then it was bad because she was the older one. So if we go kooker style, everybody gets mad. But if it's a young lady with an older woman that's been acceptable for a really long time.

Curtis  27:31  
Well, that was a whole read. Wow, you

Raylene  27:33  
want to know it's funny. I was I watched Runaway Bride with my youngest daughter who's 21 over the summer. And you guys remember that movie? As Julia Roberts, Julia Roberts here, right? And my daughter. She goes, that is so gross. He is so old. Listen,

Steve  27:47  
Hollywood is trying to recreate

or trying to recreate a magic that we had to hide

Unknown Speaker  27:53  
your kids. Hide your wives.

Raylene  27:56  
And I just thought it was hilarious because it was so I mean, they did. They also did the hooker movie together.

Steve  28:02  
Yeah, pretty woman.

Just trying to make you watch it. Watch them in another movie because they were in that movie.

Raylene  28:08  
Right. But there was still the 20 year age difference because I googled it and it

Steve  28:12  
was like Richard Gere's price still looking good today. Now he's

Curtis  28:16  
10 years older than you.

Bradford   28:18  
Older. Um, yeah, well, yes. No.

Raylene  28:24  
My age. I'm saying no, I would not date anybody 10 years older than me, but I was sure as hell date somebody 10 years younger than me. Okay. And maybe younger. But she'd be if I was available, which I'm not

Steve  28:33  
she'd be 45

Bradford   28:35  
or so me too. Not about Yeah,

Steve  28:36  
one or less kids.

Raylene  28:39  
Well, if you go number one results at that point.

Steve  28:44  
Like, I'm not gonna lie, I'll be totally honest with you. What if her daughter's like 22 and smokin hot

Raylene  28:48  
my minor But now what am I gonna do?

Steve  28:51  
I'm not putting myself and that's it. I'm not saying enough to pull off the daughter. I'm you're saying? What are we gonna do when I go to the beach? I'm gonna be staring at the fucking sun.

Curtis  29:00  
There are some stipulations in place.

Raylene  29:02  
You're gonna be spanking.

Steve  29:05  
I don't need that I don't need

Bradford   29:08  
the next week.

Curtis  29:12  
I'm sorry guys. I didn't really know who they were. So I didn't care. I just cared about how much they were spending to shackle up. And you know, their husband and wife. I think really

Steve  29:20  
they could have been banging on my car. When I walked out this morning. I had no idea who they were.

Raylene  29:26  
It is pandemic pricing. Because I mean that price. The Grand Floridian in Orlando is more expensive than that dice.

Curtis  29:34  
Well, they opened up a quick come to Florida. I went

Raylene  29:39  
I went like a month ago was it. I went to do the drink around the world at Epcot. And it was amazing because there was nobody there and there was no lines for any of the rides there was no lines to get drinks. On the downside. All the drinks are really really really weak poured. So you would pay like $18 for a drink and watch them for a half a shot into

Steve  29:58  
it and be like Again, back to my acceptable reason to punch someone in the face. You probably get locked up for that one, but I'll take your chances.

Raylene  30:07  
Well, I mean also you probably never go get to go to Disney again.

Steve  30:10  
Then they're true. I've seen it

Bradford   30:12  
watered down alcohol is the worst. It was really

Steve  30:16  
is right

Raylene  30:18  
we had a drink at every single country and in their had their food and wine festival. So they had extra countries there. At every single country. We had a drink did not leave drunk. I think the alcohol portion

Curtis  30:31  
based on the country standards. Ooh, wow, there are certain countries where they really poor when I just came back from the Caribbean island. That was amazing.

Steve  30:39  
I'm gonna just stay at Mexico over here. Please.

Raylene  30:41  
Get the wheelbarrow

Steve  30:42  
get one of those handicap cars and get me out of here.

Raylene  30:45  
We ended up Mexico and you would have thought like the last one we had was a margarita. And I was like, seriously, how am I not even like buzz?

Bradford   30:52  
You expect the alcohol to be watered down if you go to an all inclusive because you're paying one really low price and you're getting unlimited. So it almost comes with the territory. Yeah, but now you're paying per drink. And there was

Raylene  31:03  
one drunk people there.

Curtis  31:05  
This is true. It's a speaking of all inclusive. The first cruise I've ever been on was like a few years ago. So just not about being on a boat with random people and becoming friends by the end of it. Absolutely not. I love it now. So I thought it was all inclusive. And my mom actually gave it to me as a gift for my birthday. I thought it was all inclusive. They have a limit of like 15 drinks. What

Bradford   31:25  
they do, I tried

Curtis  31:26  
it's a truly not only No, but it's a good limit. I could I send

Steve  31:31  
you guys like cruises. Love cruises. I went on one when I was like, renamed to four day. And like I hated it.

Unknown Speaker  31:39  
Try How long did you go?

Steve  31:40  
Ah, four days.

Curtis  31:42  
Okay, four days? Yeah, you have to try again. We're in

Raylene  31:44  
the seven to 10 day cruises. Wow. I like I don't get the drink package anymore. because well, each person in the room has to get it you absolutely have to get right. But my husband will drink too much on the first night and then not drink the rest of the time. Because he's like, Oh, I have a tummy bug. I'm like, No, you're fucking hungover for what? Four days, right? But I will drink the shit out of everything. And I've still never I think I only have my max like twice in the number of years I've been I couldn't do

Curtis  32:12  
it. And I complained. And I complained and I could not hit the 15 drink. Max, you really

Steve  32:17  
set in a day. It was a 15 per day.

Raylene  32:20  
Right? That's, I want to go

Curtis  32:22  
into prior to going because I really wanted all inclusive. false advertising.

Bradford   32:25  
I literally is calling them so good day, not 15 for the total duration of the crew, right?

Curtis  32:30  
15 for the total duration. What is that?

Unknown Speaker  32:32  
That's that's the trick.

Curtis  32:33  
That's the thing she went to in Florida.

Raylene  32:37  
Absolutely. No, no, it's 15 per day. Or daily. It also depends on the cruise. I like to drink. So I thought right. And my daughter's done it because she only drinks beer, so she'll feel cool all day. And then you know, when she goes in the club at night, she's drink a beer, and then she, you know, runs out and I'm like woman just fucking drink vodka and you won't have to worry about

Steve  32:56  
it. It'll be asleep by 11am on the poolside.

Raylene  32:59  
It's, I mean, I start my day with a couple of mimosas. And then you know, whatever fancy drink for lunch, and then I'll have a couple more and then I'll take a nap. And then I wake up and then it's game on until I either fall asleep or run on cocktails.

Bradford   33:15  
And you do that for seven days.

Raylene  33:17  
No, that's the on the five, four or five day cruises at the seven day ones I start tapering off the end, I'm like, Alright, that's enough, right? So I've decided from now on unless it's just three or four day, I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna go ahead and buy them individually because at some point you're just drinking because you paid for them.

Steve  33:35  
That's when you take one of those side excursions are good to get some helpful supplements. day four, day five is

Curtis  33:42  
true. That is illegal in most places. Also,

Raylene  33:44  
if you go off the ship, you can drink a lot of time to drink off the ship because it's cheaper. It's an excursion or salmon. It's kind of on those days

Curtis  33:52  
drinking off the ship. I love that one. It's totally different than drinking on the ship.

Steve  33:56  
The best thing about a cruise they're like, if you don't make a bag, we don't give a fuck about you. Yeah, we're leaving. Maybe enjoy your time. Deuces.

Raylene  34:02  
What one of my favorite moments is i three times I've taken my daughter and her friends on cruises once they turned 18 because it's legal for them to drink on the islands. So we'll usually do one of those things where they can do an all inclusive and, you know, drink their face off at a dolphin resort or something. And one of the days we were on our way back to the ship and she stopped and threw up on the edge of the pier before she got on the boat. I'm like,

Steve  34:26  
she's professional. She knows where she knows.

Curtis  34:31  
That's crazy. And she's a professional. I love that right?

Raylene  34:33  
Well, she's learned from the best.

Bradford   34:35  
There you go. Well, this has been super fun. Unfortunately, we have to. We played Barbie one more time. Can you see burpee? I think somebody

Raylene  34:43  
should do a burpee.

Bradford   34:44  
All right, Curtis, how do you do it?

Raylene  34:47  
Seriously, nobody here has done a burpee.

Steve  34:49  
Did anyone bring a baby and I did.

Bradford   34:50  
I did.

Raylene  34:52  
Well then you show them because you'll know and you could probably touch your toes. Oh how did

Steve  34:56  
Or how about we fake simulated because no one can see no one can see it. Yeah.

Bradford   35:00  
our listeners.

Alright, so I'm on the floor now.

Steve  35:05  
Wait, if someone jumps in right now

Curtis  35:07  
$1 $20 $20 $20 when Once bitten twice $30 over there $30 or $30

Bradford   35:15  

Curtis  35:16  
I'm gonna raise money for charity. We

Raylene  35:18  
have to do a fundraiser and let him be the auctioneer that was already impressed that was very good.

Curtis  35:23  
I'll take that over.

Raylene  35:24  
I actually have a friend who's a professional auctioneer. I have one of those on the on on the right

Steve  35:30  
on the podcast we can see how long we can last in

Raylene  35:34  
the auction Well, first of all, she what what

Curtis  35:36  
are we up to? Get off someone at the

Steve  35:38  
area hot. I'll take a DM or seen a female you haven't shinier? No.

Raylene  35:42  
Are you kidding? Me? Yeah. Sarah Adams. Adams auctioneer's right here. Yeah, she is smokin hot. So it was her husband, but still,

Steve  35:51  
well, he doesn't have to come in at all.

Raylene  35:54  
No one I've seen pictures of her like she's on stage wearing a ball gown and just like shutting people down. One of my favorite things. She was just like, she was doing the data edited and people are talking on the side. She turned around she went, she just like, went dead. And then she just started back up again. I was like, Damn, that girl can control a room because she's hot.

Steve  36:16  
And she got the full reason she at least ghosted men.

Bradford   36:20  
Well, this has been fun. I hope you all had fun and everyone. Thanks for listening. You'll have to tune in next week to our episode, where we're gonna have a lot more fun talking about more hot topics,

Curtis  36:31  
raising money for Elephants

Bradford   36:32  
raising money for elephants and

doing burpees as well. Elephant soon, Murphy's new trick? Absolutely. Well, this has been undebatable.

Keith  36:45  
You've been listening to undebatable. Finally, a show proving that people can disagree and still have fun, like it ought to be. We hope you had fun too. And we'll be back soon. Until then, join in the conversation with us on our website at www dot undebatable dot show or connect with us on social media, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. We'll see you next time. Until then, this is undebatable signing off.