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Jan. 27, 2021



Join us on this hilarious episode of Undebatable as we explore hot topics of today with a look at the past. In this episode we dive into the controversial executive order signed by President Joe Biden in what some critics are calling the "End of Girls Sports", We also debate if the love of your life, must actually be the best sex of your life.  Lastly we discuss the need for teens to go through life skills class and take a hard look to see if parenting is playing a role in kids being enabled to be lazy and not sociable.  With the presidential inauguration just days ago, we look into our past, way back to the very first president of the USA - Samuel Huntington. Joining us for this discussion is our special guest: Dayne Rugh. Don't let this week go bye without listening to your favorite hour of hot topics and comedy. Undebatable Podcast....are you ready? 

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