Dec. 22, 2020

Reindeer Games 2020

Reindeer Games 2020

WARNING: This episode contains a significant amount of foul / sexual language / innuendos. Please consider listening if you have a good sense of humor and are not offended easily! This episode is made for people who want to laugh and join in on the fun!!  

This is a special Holiday Bonus Edition of Undebatable. Normally bonus content like this is ONLY release to fans of our Patreon Page. However as a special Holiday gift we are making this episode available to all our fans and listeners. Please consider donating to our Patreon Page so we may continue to produce our show and deliver the great comment you all love. 

In this special Holiday Bonus Episode of Undebatable, it’s All Fun & Games!! Join your favorite hosts for this crazy funny, super hilarious episode of games and laughter. Brandon hosts the Reindeer Games 2020 as Raylene, Curtis, Steve and Bradford compete to win the mystery prize. Trivia, Riddles, Story telling and so much more are brought to life during this very exciting episode. 

We want to hear from you!! We love to interact with our audience. Please be sure to join in on the fun and games and give us your thoughts on all this special bonus episode. Give us your Feedback Here:

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Keith  0:07  
Santa Claus may have crashed his rig, but that doesn't mean that the party's over. In fact, it's just getting started. Welcome to a special bonus edition of undebatable this is reindeer games 2020 we get it. The holidays are stressful, but we invite you to join us for some fun and games. So turn your Scrooge face upside down, grab some eggnog spiked, if so desired and a few of grandmas unedible Christmas cookies because it's time to play well, Raylene, Curtis, Steve and Bradford. I hope you're ready to have some fun. Here's the host of reindeer games. 2020 Brendon blue balls, or was that silver bells?

Unknown Speaker  0:55  

Keith  1:02  

Unknown Speaker  1:04  
Welcome to the bonus edition here in 2020. What a year we've had in 2020. Right, folks? Well, we're gonna break it up a little bit with this holiday season bonus edition of undebatable we're gonna have a little bit of fun. We're gonna break it up. Not that you guys don't have fun on a normal basis. Sure. We're just gonna have a little fun here what we call reindeer games, the first inaugural and here today we have some contestants that are going to play today's game. The beautiful Raylene the talented Steve.

Steve  1:34  
I have to say something

Unknown Speaker  1:39  
the king is here and Bradford

Unknown Speaker  1:43  
Bradford Well,

Raylene  1:45  
if you hire your brother that's

Unknown Speaker  1:47  
row Brad or somebody put you cleverly after King Kurt.

Unknown Speaker  1:51  
The hell are you?

Unknown Speaker  1:53  
Random blue balls random people. Hopefully that changes by the end of the evening, Brandon.

Steve  1:58  
You are very very hot.

Raylene  2:00  
He's very hot. It's been hot for all of the 26 he's like I've known he's like I don't know how to take you guys

Steve  2:05  
can see he just stared at me sideways. So what you don't know is for like the past four or five weeks he's

Unknown Speaker  2:13  
been getting

Steve  2:15  
I've been thinking about it and now that I saw you

Unknown Speaker  2:19  
You see the appeal don't me anytime

Steve  2:21  
your voice or your name is mentioned brilliant goes he's so hot. So I had to do it. So you're

Raylene  2:29  
married. You got kids. You have kids but does not stop you from being hot.

Unknown Speaker  2:34  
And Steve, I think I don't know how you saw me cross eyed looking when you your eyes were closed.

Steve  2:41  
I was just imagining a life with me and you.

Unknown Speaker  2:45  
Considering your directly why left I will say hands above the gun. Ladies and gentlemen, let's have a little bit of fun. All right, the rules are basic. I'm gonna ask a question. Whoever gets it gets a point. I not only have to ask, but

Raylene  3:00  
I'm gonna take you guys down so hard.

Curtis  3:03  
There's a live in Isabel and she's taking us down hard

Unknown Speaker  3:07  
every night.

Unknown Speaker  3:08  
Mm hmm.

Unknown Speaker  3:09  
That would help with the blue balls. Did I get extra points? So ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna start we have three phases of this. The first phase is the of course Christmas trivia. We have the finish my phrase, and then my favorite. We're gonna end with the dirty elf questions.

Unknown Speaker  3:28  
Can I be on your team?

Unknown Speaker  3:29  
So we're gonna we're gonna start a little bit serious, but we can still have fun with these and it should certainly get better not only with a wine sink in but I was thinking already.

Raylene  3:38  
We're all sunk. We're sorry.

Unknown Speaker  3:40  
All right, I have to keep track of the points apparently and ask all the questions. Don't peek over here. I saw you all looking that wasn't for

Unknown Speaker  3:47  
you to scoot away from the wire. Raylene. Got it.

Curtis  3:50  
I'm gonna just stare this way I got it. I'm just gonna stare this way I wines over here. I was making sure that he kept this gun below the table. Gonna

Unknown Speaker  4:00  
keep the gun above the gun.

Steve  4:01  
Keep your eyes yourself, Curtis.

Unknown Speaker  4:03  
I see what's going on here. All right question. Here we go. Every elf has his ornament on the tip of his shoes. Which ornament are we talking about? Oh,

Unknown Speaker  4:12  
do we go beep

Raylene  4:14  
Oh, you just shout it out. A bell.

Unknown Speaker  4:17  
It's whoever gets it first.

Unknown Speaker  4:18  
Oh god. I

Raylene  4:19  
guess I'll never be me.

Steve  4:21  
Can I take the supreme supreme court? Yeah.

Raylene  4:23  
You can't even say Supreme Court.

Steve  4:25  
Oh no rapture the wind.

Unknown Speaker  4:31  
Everyone is familiar with the mistletoe what happens on the mistletoe? mistletoe?

Unknown Speaker  4:36  
Well, that's first. No,

Unknown Speaker  4:37  
I'm just warming up folks. That was not the question. Oh,

Unknown Speaker  4:40  
I was like I have a whole shirt dedicated to that since

Unknown Speaker  4:42  
I'm a horticulturist. I will ask this question since you have a shirt Let's close your eyes and picture the shirt unlike Steve just

Steve  4:49  
grow wheat What

Unknown Speaker  4:50  
color is the berry of the mistletoe green right

Raylene  4:52  
but but his older on it. It's not I mean if it was red, red,

Unknown Speaker  4:59  
red, red first.

Unknown Speaker  5:01  
red screen Wrong. Wrong.

Unknown Speaker  5:03  
Wait, what's the question?

Unknown Speaker  5:04  
What color is Marie? molto? The berry? Red? It's

Unknown Speaker  5:08  
on his shirt purple. That's

Unknown Speaker  5:11  
why I don't know how he is or berry

Steve  5:13  
genta what colors? What colors are roofie? It

Unknown Speaker  5:16  
is white it's really

Raylene  5:18  
yes because everybody thinks that that's the mistletoe but it's not that's Holly.

Curtis  5:23  
Well, I want my I want my refund Walmart.

Steve  5:25  
How is the first two questions already gone to the woman who thinks the most attractive man in the world other than her husband obviously.

Curtis  5:32  
For Santa, listen

Steve  5:35  
to the Supreme Court. enunciate correctly. That's how you did okay.

Raylene  5:41  
Listen, I went through three colors before I got white. You guys were distracted by the holly on his shirt.

Unknown Speaker  5:46  
Let's get over. Also, I

Raylene  5:47  
watch a shit ton of Christmas movies. And I was like, wait, it's white. I've seen it.

Unknown Speaker  5:53  
I'm not looking at. It's white. Is this gonna be

Raylene  5:59  
a Christmas movie? Hallmark movie. It's

Unknown Speaker  6:00  
the same two people.

Raylene  6:04  
The word people it really is not. It's just everything. Oh my god. I can literally just write Uh huh. I could I could write it right now. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker  6:11  
How does Santa Claus get back up the chimney?

Raylene  6:14  
He twinkles his nose. lays a finger.

Unknown Speaker  6:19  
Come on.

Unknown Speaker  6:21  
Children. We're just gonna say

Raylene  6:24  
a finger aside of his nose. Oh,

Curtis  6:29  
I used to think something differently. But yes, I did realize that

Raylene  6:32  
the benefit of being 52 and you guys are 30 and under. I've done a lot more.

Steve  6:38  
You're not anymore, Brandon.

Unknown Speaker  6:40  
Oh, I'm gonna get hotter.

Raylene  6:43  
Very hot.

Unknown Speaker  6:44  
How many points does a snowflake traditionally have? 5478

Steve  6:50  
and 12345676 is

Unknown Speaker  6:54  
the combination I said sayce.

Raylene  7:02  
Your slurred does not make your answer correct.

Unknown Speaker  7:06  
I heard

Unknown Speaker  7:07  
haven't. Traditionally, kids leave out snacks for Santa Claus. What are these snacks

Raylene  7:14  
cookies and milk? Okay.

Curtis  7:16  
Yeah, you heard that right here buddy. What did you say? Under this mistletoe? Their cookies gave you more? Milk.

Unknown Speaker  7:24  
I'm gonna give you a half a point as cookies. Cookies and milk is the answer. Hmm.

Unknown Speaker  7:30  
I'll take half that Brandon.

Steve  7:32  
How many points do I have?

Raylene  7:33  
00 and he has a half and I have four. Four. Wow, she's

Unknown Speaker  7:40  
even keeping track. Wow,

Raylene  7:42  
I drink most of that.

Unknown Speaker  7:45  
That was the trick.

Unknown Speaker  7:48  
That one's a little too technical.

Raylene  7:49  
Oh come on. Do it. Okay, you

Curtis  7:50  
want to see what kind of gas the Santa toss to take? No.

Unknown Speaker  7:56  
Real trucks don't have spark plugs. Oh, two of the reindeers are named after weather phenomenons comment to Ranger

Raylene  8:04  
comment and comment.

Unknown Speaker  8:09  
Blitz and listen and comment blitzing is correct.

Unknown Speaker  8:12  
First I yelled at for comments a

Unknown Speaker  8:14  
star not weather? Correct. It's not a weather phenomenon. It's like a Dasher

Raylene  8:17  
dancer Prancer vixen comet Cupid Donner blitzen

Unknown Speaker  8:20  
Blitzer. This one which means

Raylene  8:22  
I named all of the reindeer so that means I got all of them who speaks? Who speaks German

Unknown Speaker  8:27  
because they both said

Curtis  8:28  
my mom lived in Germany for four years litsen

Unknown Speaker  8:30  
means lightning it does. And daughter

Unknown Speaker  8:34  
Thunder Oh, Don Germans and

Raylene  8:37  
but I named all of them so technically no matter what got that right so

Unknown Speaker  8:41  
in order to get the question right you had to know German know hey did say it was

Steve  8:48  
he did say was like I'm laughing because I do giveaways on the radio. I

Curtis  8:51  
think we all deserve a plan for that one.

Raylene  8:54  
I named all of them so how could they possibly be wrong?

Unknown Speaker  8:57  
You went to those real quick I was like, Oh, I'm proud of you.

Raylene  9:00  
Here we do the Seven Dwarves. That'll be the Easter edition.

Steve  9:06  
Alright ladies and gentlemen. Here we go. blue balls had the sounds as foam.

Raylene  9:13  
blue balls the vibrating phone.

Unknown Speaker  9:16  
Usually a vibrate and ring. I thought I just had it on vibrate. Raylene keeps calling me a little warm in here it is saying which country can be credited with the creation of the Christmas beverage? eggnog?

Unknown Speaker  9:35  
Finland UK

Raylene  9:36  
probably us because we're ridiculous at it.

Unknown Speaker  9:39  
I'll give me what you said uk

Steve  9:41  
uk is that like 10 countries Stop

Raylene  9:43  
it. It is which one stop

Unknown Speaker  9:46  
stop it

Unknown Speaker  9:46  
or give you a point but name which one Switzerland

Unknown Speaker  9:51  
It was a joke.

Unknown Speaker  9:57  
Can we wait if I hated my

Steve  9:59  
job. If I feel the point yes, Norway.

Raylene  10:03  
No, that's not in the UK.

Unknown Speaker  10:05  
Can we stop

Unknown Speaker  10:06  
anyone? No. Family where you can change rules. Ireland, Ireland, Wales

Unknown Speaker  10:13  
in the Bronx, like stopping

Steve  10:16  
radio stations.

Curtis  10:17  
First of all 5% of my answers just come from Wales. Yep, that's UK. why you look so that

Raylene  10:23  
is the thing. I just know it's not

Unknown Speaker  10:27  
the UK.

Raylene  10:28  
Well, like Arkansas is the US are well, you

Unknown Speaker  10:31  
know what, you guys did not believe me. They're

Steve  10:35  
males. whales are in the ocean, right. Okay.

Raylene  10:40  
In the UK,

Steve  10:42  
I'm gonna get no points.

Raylene  10:43  
You are not gonna get a point.

Unknown Speaker  10:44  
No, but next question. I'm gonna I'm gonna give you a full point on that. Thank you just because I like the sweater with the holly on it. Ha, cars. I'm gonna

Raylene  10:54  
like the fact that the horticulturalist and I said Holly and he knows I know it's Holly gives me a one point like she's not that gross for being that 11 that fat. She's she knows her crop top. Like bottom. Crap.

Unknown Speaker  11:10  
I thought it was just warming this room. What is the most popular ornament we placed on top star Christmas tree? angel? It is the angel. It's not the star.

Raylene  11:22  
Excuse me.

At the same time I got the point. No, no, that's that was a

Unknown Speaker  11:33  
hell Bradford

Raylene  11:34  
just because you were looking at him at the time does not mean that we did not say it at the same way you can make eye contact with my bro.

Unknown Speaker  11:39  
Really? I can't.

Unknown Speaker  11:42  
First of all, he has

Curtis  11:43  
a balance in a gay bar. Let's

Unknown Speaker  11:45  
stop this.

Raylene  11:46  
Fine, but we did say it at the exact same time.

Unknown Speaker  11:49  
All right, just you know, give her a point to know.

Unknown Speaker  11:52  
She's already so ahead.

Unknown Speaker  11:53  
She's ahead. But Bradford I'm proud of you. You You are now officially on the scoreboard.

Steve  12:00  
That's a direct spite to me,

Unknown Speaker  12:01  
right? Almost everyone has

Unknown Speaker  12:04  
direct bytes.

Unknown Speaker  12:06  
Which was the first state in the United States to recognize Christmas as an official. Virginia you would think it's a New England but it's Virginia.

Raylene  12:14  
California cuz they're weirdos. Oregon, Nebraska.

Unknown Speaker  12:19  
Washington, DC District of Columbia. All right.

Unknown Speaker  12:23  
Deep South Deep South

Curtis  12:24  
Georgia, Missouri.

Unknown Speaker  12:27  
Louisiana big country band think country band.

Unknown Speaker  12:32  

Unknown Speaker  12:32  
Alabama, Alabama. Oh, boy.

Steve  12:37  
Wonder back you guys wonder why I'm a fucking Grinch.

Raylene  12:41  
Just because you don't know anything about Christmas.

Steve  12:43  
Anything about anything?

Unknown Speaker  12:44  
Maybe Maybe you'll come

Raylene  12:46  
to a radio station we'll come trolley you have going for you in life is your sexy ass voice and that's why you're on radio.

Steve  12:53  
Man. Stupid. You.

Raylene  12:55  
You're not fat. You have a dad bod. Well, now I have a grandma bad that's fast

Steve  13:01  
from a perspective of a grandma. I'm doing okay. Well the cropped up by the way

Raylene  13:07  
that might crop up.

Unknown Speaker  13:09  
I think we'll end this section with a final question that has a bonus point attached to it if you can name the date. Oh fine. Oh

Unknown Speaker  13:16  

Raylene  13:16  
Yes in 76

Unknown Speaker  13:21  
who tracks Santas location North Christmas? Correct. Let's

Steve  13:26  
just give me a point.

Sound came first.

Curtis  13:34  
I wasn't trying to fight you over that.

Raylene  13:36  
1990s I

Steve  13:37  
share the link on the radio for the past 27 fucking years.

Unknown Speaker  13:41  
And this tradition started when

Raylene  13:43  

Steve  13:44  
no 1876 a lot

Unknown Speaker  13:46  
earlier than you would have thought I didn't know this text

Unknown Speaker  13:49  
10 it's

Unknown Speaker  13:50  
2004 56

Unknown Speaker  13:52  
we're in the 1900s definitely

Raylene  13:54  
okay 5619

Unknown Speaker  13:56  
Oh, you

Unknown Speaker  13:57  
are hot lady so close. 50 750-850-1840

Unknown Speaker  14:05  
got it. Okay.

Raylene  14:11  
55 Chevy's are very sexy,

Steve  14:14  
D six Chevy's of 1955. That 19 made in 1955. cars that a Chevy though,

Raylene  14:22  
is Chevy the 1950s you know my dad has always collected 1955 5657 Chevy so I've been immersed in them my entire life. Do you have antique toys? antique? No,

Unknown Speaker  14:34  
you should start that mean like the ones that

Unknown Speaker  14:37  
you know because the vibrator.

Raylene  14:42  
Oh yeah, no, that's what I meant. Oh, right. You

Keith  14:44  
don't name the toys. I'm just thinking to me. No, but

Unknown Speaker  14:47  
you know, plugins or something.

Steve  14:54  
Bochy seemed popular Orion's Yeah, well,

Unknown Speaker  14:57  
they are Raylene likes the ones that start with the crank shaft

Unknown Speaker  15:00  
Yeah, there

Unknown Speaker  15:01  
we go. There we go. All right. Now this is gonna get a little more fun. Some of these are a little more risque and the dirty elf definitely.

Raylene  15:10  
What's the score right now?

Unknown Speaker  15:11  
Oh, Raylene. Oh here we go. Are you ready for this? You have multiple slashes with a dash across your slash.

Steve  15:19  
You got kicked out of class.

Unknown Speaker  15:21  
You have five.

Raylene  15:23  
I'm the nerd that's like Wait, wait, it's time for a test the whole time.

Curtis  15:28  
Wait, how many points do I have?

Unknown Speaker  15:30  
Well, I noticed you have one and a half. Oh hey Brandon. points to is one Do you really want me to announce that?

Steve  15:37  
I have one I have zero for a while. I'm proud of that one. Don't Don't come on.

Unknown Speaker  15:41  
That is the that is the biggest one. It was

Steve  15:43  
a charity one too and I'll take it. Shawn put it with me because it was the same.

Unknown Speaker  15:48  
I'm gonna name mini Santas cookies. And what's happening?

Unknown Speaker  15:51  
Those are good cookies. The

Steve  15:52  
toffee I've ever considered being a first grade teacher because you have the skills for

Raylene  15:56  
your patients. I

Unknown Speaker  15:57  
mean, third grade, like

Steve  16:00  
Probably not.

Unknown Speaker  16:01  
I'm gonna say one word and you guys can finish with another word or maybe a few words. We go in order. We just yell it. This is more fun just yelling or

Raylene  16:09  
I do love to yell.

Unknown Speaker  16:10  
Okay. Jingle Bells. Balls. Who said balls? Me? Of course you did. Okay. Oh, wait.

Unknown Speaker  16:17  
Wait, there's a right answer.

Unknown Speaker  16:20  
Yes, because I already filled this out.

Raylene  16:22  
Oh, God. Wait. So it's not the real answers. Whatever you made up.

Unknown Speaker  16:26  
That's right. Exactly. That's what makes it even you have to know you have to get

Steve  16:29  
on my wavelength. That's where I come back.

Unknown Speaker  16:31  
Well, first of all, what's your wavelength? If it was balls? Listen.

Raylene  16:37  
He's kidding. And anyone out that door without somebody opening it?

Unknown Speaker  16:45  
balls? Maybe a couple answers. Of course

Raylene  16:47  
it is.

Unknown Speaker  16:48  
Merry Christmas. No, think dirtier. pussy. not

Raylene  16:54  
marry Debbie does Dallas.

Unknown Speaker  16:58  
It's a book. Children's Book. Oh, Mike, about a girl that goes and buys for Christmas. No, but you have a lot of fun with Mary.

Unknown Speaker  17:08  
Mary Harry.

Unknown Speaker  17:12  
That is read that book.

Raylene  17:13  
Oh, I didn't. I'm not probably not gonna write that up on Amazon. Maybe. Danna,

Unknown Speaker  17:18  
could you give me that book?

Raylene  17:19  
That's gonna that's gonna fuck up my

Steve  17:24  
story that like teaches women like about like girls about like their pubic hair. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  17:28  
that's right. I can see the razors now.

Raylene  17:30  
Do you ever see the book Mary Had a Little beaver cuz that's what that is.

Unknown Speaker  17:35  
Mary Had a Little she goes in buys a hamster, not adorable. Just to set the record. Okay.

Raylene  17:40  
Wait, you can use a hamster orange are

Steve  17:43  
the same size.

Raylene  17:45  
They're gonna get stuck either way.

Unknown Speaker  17:47  
God forbid I would not know that. Holiday heroes. Nope. sex. That would be a good one. But no. Oh, that may they may be on the sheet.

Unknown Speaker  17:57  
Isn't that was a war movie holiday Hill.

Unknown Speaker  17:59  
What are we all partaking while drinking holiday?

Raylene  18:03  
cocktail drunk? Wine shit. booze, alcohol Napa Christmas movie?

Unknown Speaker  18:09  

Unknown Speaker  18:10  
How about a little bit of holiday cheer

Unknown Speaker  18:17  
my friends. Cheers.

Steve  18:21  
Star intelligence um, I really have.

Unknown Speaker  18:23  
I don't know if anyone's got any points here. Okay, all right. In this room right now it is about 95 degrees and my chestnuts are rose. Raylene first. Sorry

Raylene  18:37  
a very tight hot room

Unknown Speaker  18:41  

Steve  18:45  
my mic didn't pick my voice.

Raylene  18:47  
So it's not silent night silent. Screams silence silence

Unknown Speaker  18:54  
first of all every white

Steve  18:55  
person ever

Curtis  19:00  
thank you for saving me cuz I was like what's happening?

Unknown Speaker  19:02  
I guess you Curtis who has kids? Me? Okay silent sex.

Unknown Speaker  19:07  
Absolutely no, no,

Raylene  19:08  
no, I just made them bitches have their bed on the opposite wall. Do you really want to hear me have an orgasm and they're like I didn't know that you still had sex or it's

Curtis  19:20  
not that cold outside. Go look I hit a president behind the tree.

Steve  19:25  
And for every year for Christmas I get my kids a gift certificate to his local therapist.

Raylene  19:30  
Did I not mention this story on our I know I've done it on mine so over the summer my both my two youngest girls were home they're 21 and 29 one of them their bedroom is right on ours and for some reason my husband is super like worried about our kids hearing us have sex. First of all the man's I don't make a lot of noise to begin with. And also they all used to live with us. And we all had like so over the summer the two girls went outside and they were doing their peloton, coach. Listen, so they're out there and they're doing their peloton workout in the driveway and I texted my husband who was ranking and I was like, want to sex he dropped his rake and walked in the house. Okay, so now we can breathe. We can have our

Steve  20:13  
blessing on the peloton.

Unknown Speaker  20:16  
So they were at yeah raelians kids are like I saw.

Keith  20:20  
You want to play the game of telephone like I just put our ears to the wall

Steve  20:24  
here. tuning into the podcast is a special Christmas edition.

Unknown Speaker  20:29  
Does Santa and

Unknown Speaker  20:30  
we are having some fun with my free silent nights.

Curtis  20:34  
They're fun. Nice.

Unknown Speaker  20:35  
So moving on from silence sex, which nobody really enjoys. We're gonna talk about Grinch, it is Grinch

Unknown Speaker  20:40  
mess. Like, shit,

Unknown Speaker  20:43  
right? Grinch ness. Fit.

Unknown Speaker  20:46  
Maybe it rhymes. Pitch? Oh,

Unknown Speaker  20:51  
great and smis it's a little

Unknown Speaker  20:54  
French French.

Unknown Speaker  20:55  
I'm gonna give you Yeah, I like that. Mitch. The answer is a little Grinch pinch.

Unknown Speaker  21:05  
Feeling I could get a recipe. Clever.

Curtis  21:08  
Clever. I feel like all of you guys should talk the Grinch pinch.

Raylene  21:13  
really wish I was 25 years younger because they're very exciting. Now

Steve  21:18  
try texting that to your husband. I cringe pinch.

Curtis  21:21  
backhanded compliment, you

Raylene  21:24  
know, five years ago this problem with being old my husband got me tickets to he said he texted me and he goes, how do you feel about being spanked? And I'm like by you? lol? No. But for Christmas. He bought me tickets to a not a Broadway but a show called spanked, which was a parody of the 50 Shades of Grey. Oh, and it was really funny. But when he asked me like, do you want to get spanked? I'm like,

Unknown Speaker  21:56  
I was just like, a trick question,

Unknown Speaker  21:58  

Raylene  21:58  
If you spank me, I'm gonna giggle like

Curtis  22:02  
darlin is that part of our relationship? We need extra people we're swingers now

Raylene  22:08  
I have trouble putting out for him I'm not putting out for anybody else. Oh anybody else want to see me in this two x crop tops

Steve  22:15  
apparently all target does what about this song Santa brought it brought me like I be fair their booty shorts.

Raylene  22:23  
They Yeah, no, they're cheeky. Like Hold

Curtis  22:25  
on. I have more points to win.

Unknown Speaker  22:26  
Yeah, sorry.

Unknown Speaker  22:28  
All that talk is now over 100 degrees in here. This room officially has a fever.

Steve  22:31  
Yes. I've seen his butt sweat on my hat. That's awesome. That may

Unknown Speaker  22:35  
be an answer coming up here. Okay, ball sweat moving on from sweaty balls

Steve  22:39  
here we go Hold sweat

Unknown Speaker  22:40  
I'm so sick of hearing Happy Holidays at the grocery store. Merry Christmas. I'd really like to hear is after a good massage happy. And

Steve  22:51  
you can't see how disappointed my face right now but I thought I had a point and I

Curtis  22:57  
absolutely in 2021 have to tell the story of happy ending and that's all I got to say.

Raylene  23:02  
Wait, who's we've had a happy ending

Steve  23:04  
together as a matter of travel for the past month and a half. Right Florida?

Curtis  23:09  
Exactly. We're just gonna have that conversation in 2020

Steve  23:12  
to Florida happy ending that that's the one where you cut your hair off.

Unknown Speaker  23:17  
Besides your coconuts,

Raylene  23:18  
isn't that where Jerry from the the Patriots went and had his little naughty massage. Robert Kraft

Steve  23:24  
Robert Kraft deserves a time of relaxation when he it's like the little our the

Raylene  23:31  
scot free and she's getting arrested for

Steve  23:34  

Raylene  23:36  
happens with white people have money. You need

Steve  23:38  
a massage at midnight and sometimes 7am the next day you get sore Listen,

Curtis  23:42  
listen, we're gonna save this story for 2021

Raylene  23:45  
Sure, there you go.

Unknown Speaker  23:46  
That's gonna offer new year's edition All right, let's talk about candy.

Steve  23:49  
Oh sweet. Wait, like okay, is

Raylene  23:51  
that the stripper candy the nose candy? Nose candy striper candy.

Unknown Speaker  23:56  
Okay, finish this candy stripper strike for

Unknown Speaker  24:02  

Unknown Speaker  24:04  
cane Candyman

Unknown Speaker  24:07  

Steve  24:09  
Brandon How much money do I give you for?

Unknown Speaker  24:12  

Steve  24:14  
jack Candy. Candy Land.

Unknown Speaker  24:17  
I said that

Raylene  24:20  
we're in the wrong place.

Unknown Speaker  24:21  
Yeah, clear. Listen, I have to admit some of my co workers at work helped me do these. So

Raylene  24:28  
any master me?

Unknown Speaker  24:30  
What are your coworkers helped you do?

Unknown Speaker  24:33  
What's your Twitter?

Unknown Speaker  24:36  
We had a holiday party today. I know. It was COVID friendly. Yes. It was COVID friendly. Oh, we all share this.

Unknown Speaker  24:44  
Yummy on that one.

Unknown Speaker  24:48  
This one I would

Unknown Speaker  24:49  
never guess if I was in your shoes. I'm gonna just say the coworker who put this down but candy pot can

Steve  24:56  
have his phone number and

Curtis  25:00  
Fresh coworker look like they're five foot eight.

Steve  25:03  
Have you seen him alone from their mom's name

Curtis  25:05  
is Karen Do they

Raylene  25:06  
have a beard like a really sick like what to beard the beard? Yeah six foot two would it be probably looks exactly like our CBD guy from last week.

Unknown Speaker  25:15  
Nope. red hair.

Unknown Speaker  25:16  
He does mention the word pot a lot. I

Steve  25:18  
will say this is this is where I'm gonna shine.

Raylene  25:22  
This is where I'm gonna shop. Ready to Candy edibles.

Unknown Speaker  25:24  
We need a drumroll Here we go. This is where Steve is gonna shine. The word is egg nog.

Unknown Speaker  25:31  

Unknown Speaker  25:32  
So I'm gonna just say don't give the most obvious let's get a

Steve  25:36  
little more perverted. All right, I'm gonna kill

Unknown Speaker  25:40  
about eggs.

Unknown Speaker  25:42  

Raylene  25:43  
now egg Why are you baking some bread over there Brandon married in Bradford,

Unknown Speaker  25:48  

Unknown Speaker  25:48  
Jesus you incur to have a quick question. Yes.

Curtis  25:53  
Questions? What kind of questions are these? Egg what what do you do with egg? A person of color? What

Unknown Speaker  25:59  
do you do an egg

Unknown Speaker  26:08  
the egg for

Unknown Speaker  26:09  
egg is fertile. Oh

Raylene  26:15  
is always wearing a condom for the

Steve  26:17  
past 45 seconds. That was a wine invaded my brain to where I could have been struggling to scream that the entire time.

Unknown Speaker  26:26  
carry our child left behind. He gets

Steve  26:30  
two and a half points.

Unknown Speaker  26:32  
I'm going to give you two four. That was incredible. Wow.

Unknown Speaker  26:35  
feeling generous. Oh, it's

Unknown Speaker  26:39  
getting a little friendly. It's actually a little pity, but

Steve  26:44  
just happy that someone's on the same wavelength. Just your sweater. Oh,

Unknown Speaker  26:48  
this one. So let's listen in whoever hits the buzzer first. I wouldn't have a buzzer whoever's got the loudest voice. And north. Oh, the poll who said that first? No, please first. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  27:05  
North Dakota.

Unknown Speaker  27:09  
Oh my god.

Raylene  27:10  
You said don't go for the obvious and I did and I still get points.

Steve  27:14  
Everyone figured there was a lot happening except for the decoder

Unknown Speaker  27:19  

Unknown Speaker  27:20  
Oh, I just spent one. Bar Okay.

Unknown Speaker  27:24  
All right. Here we go. We're gonna talk about a little family feud. You got it. All right, silver

Unknown Speaker  27:35  
Bell falls falls who said

Unknown Speaker  27:37  
that course you said Barbara. That's your second point on this round and they both Bennett balls.

Curtis  27:42  
I know the fact that you have two balls on your shirt is amazing.

Steve  27:46  
There's more than two referees. You are just all balls. Check what I'm trying to

Unknown Speaker  27:49  
say. Check out my ugly sweater. Pictures and

Raylene  27:53  
he's over balls. He loves his balls.

Unknown Speaker  27:55  
I'm a little awkward, but if he removes his right arm there's actually a third ball under his right arm. Oh no, that's the same.

Unknown Speaker  28:03  
It's just a tumor lower.

Unknown Speaker  28:05  
If he lifts his arm it gets bigger.

Raylene  28:09  
Is there a prize for winning this?

Unknown Speaker  28:11  
Oh yes.

Unknown Speaker  28:12  
Okay, great. Okay, it's gone. Oh,

Unknown Speaker  28:14  
you should have said that.

Unknown Speaker  28:16  
Oh, now Oh, Curtis is like alright game. Here we got Curtis Are you ready? I'm Rusty. snowman

Raylene  28:22  

Unknown Speaker  28:23  
Thank perverted. Well, you're off the balls.

Unknown Speaker  28:25  
I'm going with balls again. Odd

Unknown Speaker  28:26  
balls again. Too many balls in your mind.

Raylene  28:28  
Right next in his mouth hit a

Unknown Speaker  28:30  
close. Very close. nipples.

Curtis  28:37  
I want you guys to rewind this and hear me say nipples and it just ignored me.

Steve  28:43  
Really? No, he didn't. Did he dropped his crown. Oh, give him

Unknown Speaker  28:47  
he needed.

Curtis  28:49  
We're gonna rewind this and I'm gonna hit that you guys were wrong. I need a recount. Listen, there's

Unknown Speaker  28:53  
still official trust.

Unknown Speaker  28:57  
scores in Georgia.

Unknown Speaker  28:59  
Listen, alright, Sleigh

Raylene  29:01  
Ride ELS ride. Cod. Everybody wants a ride in the holiday. Yeah, well,

Unknown Speaker  29:07  
what's another word for ride? What are you doing? Horse sex. Close.

Steve  29:12  
Slay. Slay bang.

Unknown Speaker  29:15  

Steve  29:15  
I think it's Kim with the porno.

Unknown Speaker  29:18  
Slay Lamin slay.

Unknown Speaker  29:21  

Unknown Speaker  29:22  
I'll give you a bang. All right, now

Steve  29:24  

Unknown Speaker  29:28  
in the 2002 slide of

Raylene  29:31  
slider is this I'm sorry. That's my husband's banging. I'm like I'm sorry. No, I

Steve  29:36  
just came up with like the hottest way fucking What are you doing?

Curtis  29:41  
What are you doing a Tinder when you don't want the person? you swipe? Right, right. Well, if you ever say that to me, swipe

Unknown Speaker  29:47  

Steve  29:48  

Raylene  29:48  
I don't know there's no not you in general.

Curtis  29:51  
But just in general. Like we're not saying that. For the record, I do not have Tinder either.

Steve  29:57  
So Brandon gets a point for that one.

Curtis  29:59  
There's fake bro. files in Miami I

Unknown Speaker  30:00  
got a couple hashtags.

Raylene  30:02  
From now on. You're not allowed to write the answers.

Curtis  30:05  
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Unknown Speaker  30:07  
or hashtag camper with the whole Red Nose whore fucker. Rudolph the Red Nose ring stripper for

Raylene  30:14  
Ross Rudolph the Red Nose

Steve  30:16  
useless reindeer douchebag

Raylene  30:19  
off my venison

Unknown Speaker  30:20  
he doesn't have clothes on Rudolph the Red

Unknown Speaker  30:23  
hair new

Unknown Speaker  30:26  
Rudolph the rollback. Ah, this also came from the six to beard now, man.

Curtis  30:35  
I'm starting to feel like don't go shopping.

Raylene  30:39  
Feel like you might be straighter than you think you are. I

Steve  30:41  
am picturing that man. Bang you know, I

Unknown Speaker  30:43  
feel like I don't know the sex store enough.

Raylene  30:45  
I've never feel like I'm definitely

Unknown Speaker  30:47  
straighter than I think I am clearly ever when

Raylene  30:49  
I get that bell back.

Unknown Speaker  30:51  
Alright, here we go, folks. We're gonna end this one. I know it's a little difficult after a few bottles of a few glasses of wine bottles, right? This one is gonna be a lot of fun. Here we go. It is simply snow

Unknown Speaker  31:02  
balls. Bells. Right Andy?

Unknown Speaker  31:06  
streak. What you don't like to do blow jobs.

Unknown Speaker  31:16  
So how long is it gonna take you to come into that one?

Steve  31:24  
gay bar he'll be there any minute. He'll be there any movie coming real quick.

Unknown Speaker  31:30  
No Bradford

Raylene  31:30  
clauses coming in someone's mouth.

Steve  31:34  
Like when the longest running innuendos.

Curtis  31:40  
He's checking it twice. He's gonna find out if you're open enough.

Steve  31:45  
Balls are sweating. We need to get out of here.

Unknown Speaker  31:48  
We're gonna we're gonna end with the fun stuff. I hope I didn't lose anybody cuz this is gonna get a lot better or you

Raylene  31:52  
chose to do this as in for the long haul.

Steve  31:55  
You're still here. You're drunker than we are.

Unknown Speaker  31:58  
Crazy. All right,

Unknown Speaker  31:59  
here we go. This is the dirty elf. This is dirty elf is gonna explain something we have to say what he's explaining. So the riddles? Yes. Okay. I sit on it. I sit on all the packages big and small. Then I then I let people know who's going to get it. And who's going to give it to them? packages?

Raylene  32:17  
Well, Santas penis. labels. do read it again. I

Steve  32:23  
wasn't painted a bear icicles label

Raylene  32:25  
you sit on it.

Unknown Speaker  32:27  
I sit on all the packages big and small. Then I let people know who's cardi B get it and who's going to give it labels?

Raylene  32:35  
The ups guy? Mom answers. It's just mom sat on the packages. She decides I'm going with cardi B. cardi B

Unknown Speaker  32:50  
we're giving you a point. I want to know who wins this. We're giving you a point for that one

Raylene  32:55  
what what is

Unknown Speaker  32:56  
oh it's a gift tag folks.

Unknown Speaker  32:58  
I said labels Okay, well

Unknown Speaker  32:59  
fine. All right.

Unknown Speaker  33:01  
There we go. Do

Raylene  33:02  
labels in 2012 don't do label so sorry.

Unknown Speaker  33:05  
Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Unknown Speaker  33:07  
Fancy as labels.

Unknown Speaker  33:09  
They mean labels like a Christmas

Unknown Speaker  33:11  
gift label. Sorry. I was going to joke I'm really dirty people like to put their wood in my special place but only likes to go down me Mrs. Claus So Steve and I make this Oh gee appreciate you for that.

Raylene  33:31  
I think he just got distracted and didn't listen to the whole

Steve  33:33  
nine pieces or like oh

Unknown Speaker  33:37  
I love it when you roll me around and position me the way a snowman right

Steve  33:41  
carry my favorite

Unknown Speaker  33:42  
was when you shove the carrot in me yep

Keith  33:47  
that shirt I'm right carry but then

Unknown Speaker  33:53  
I left

Raylene  33:54  
things die and I left carrots underrated

Unknown Speaker  34:01  

Unknown Speaker  34:01  
felt like you didn't want to give him my points no

Unknown Speaker  34:03  
no no definitely want to give him he

Raylene  34:04  
had to finish it for that lesson got

Curtis  34:06  
dirty right it did that was very

Unknown Speaker  34:08  
dirty. Number four. I'm known for my amazing poll. I'm so hard I just can't just can't hide it. I'm into the whole group thing

Raylene  34:17  
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Wow.

Unknown Speaker  34:20  
Well that's it's specific but yes, General Ranger

Raylene  34:23  
Dasher dancer Prancer vixen comics,

Unknown Speaker  34:24  
yet another slash. You are at 10

Unknown Speaker  34:27  

Raylene  34:28  
I am a tan.

Unknown Speaker  34:30  
Those are not wimps. Like what what's happening?

Raylene  34:32  
I'm talking about my looks motherfucker.

Unknown Speaker  34:34  
you fry and you hold 10

Unknown Speaker  34:36  
Okay, everyone concentrate. Some people don't like this word, but I'm just reading off of what Google did not say that

Raylene  34:41  
bad word.

Unknown Speaker  34:42  
Everyone loves it when I'm moist. Yeah, people salivate at my big breasts. Nobody is satisfied. I've been stuffing

Steve  34:53  
ever really fucked up.

Unknown Speaker  34:56  
She's got really dirty in my head.

Unknown Speaker  35:00  
Way to win the motherfucking game

Unknown Speaker  35:04  
funny in the dirty and forgot all about today he's

Steve  35:07  
like 11 years old you kept that motherfucker happy for

Unknown Speaker  35:15  
speaking of I don't have any children of my own

Unknown Speaker  35:22  

Unknown Speaker  35:24  
Why did we not act Santa?

Raylene  35:27  
Listen, but there's a million Christmas movies where they all have children so that's wrong. There's no well

Curtis  35:32  
we just had them in studio we should ask them

Raylene  35:34  
like the Santa Claus. Mrs. Claus had a baby right after.

Unknown Speaker  35:38  
You don't have kids yet.

Steve  35:40  
My parents are 1100 years old and don't have any kids and have 1700 elves living in a building with them. That's weird.

Raylene  35:49  
Because I'm annoying anyway. But I think Mrs. Claus

Steve  35:51  
also if they want to quit where are they going to find a new job?

Raylene  35:54  
How much does it cost? nullify

Unknown Speaker  35:55  
the price

Unknown Speaker  35:57  
to buy the game?

Unknown Speaker  35:57  
How much does it cost?

Steve  35:59  
your fucking crown?

Unknown Speaker  36:01  

Unknown Speaker  36:02  

Steve  36:04  
you found the asking price and you can have the

Raylene  36:08  
asking price of half the room

Curtis  36:11  
you can have it has warm seats, and there's no shaft

Raylene  36:16  
Yep, you know what I have? Wow, the light up Star Light. Oh, yeah. I'm pushy. You know,

Steve  36:23  
you know what we just noticed no one was impressed. He was like No,

Unknown Speaker  36:27  
he was into

Steve  36:29  
Curtis your included Shut up. You

Raylene  36:30  
know you want my star bet again.

Unknown Speaker  36:34  
Thinking of being impressed and hot. You make me so hot. Then you leave me with a creamy smile. Right lay with my legs. waiting for you to come back and eat me marshmallows. Gingerbread Man? Yes.

Raylene  36:46  
I have never eaten a gingerbread man up

Curtis  36:51  
I don't even know if I want you to read that again. Or just skip

Unknown Speaker  36:54  
definitely read that again. It

Steve  36:55  
was hilarious. Your brother get it so fast.

Unknown Speaker  36:58  
Because legs open creamy smile. Gingerbread, did

Curtis  37:01  
you practice this level of gayness for you?

Raylene  37:04  
Yeah. Now. Frank,

Steve  37:08  
come on Steve gingerbread cream across a mouth. No,

Curtis  37:11  
I just wonder if they had an earlier conversation. Where it was just no. Awkward.

Unknown Speaker  37:17  
We've been doing a lot better because actually he's in pretty much last place. We

Unknown Speaker  37:20  
said a

Raylene  37:22  
second or less because we don't let him have anything.

Unknown Speaker  37:24  
Huh? She thought I was so hot and she bent down and blew me hard. My discharge made a mess. Now she doesn't find me hot anymore. Wendy Lu

Raylene  37:35  
is a clause close where you say fireplace fire ash. wind wind discharge. Ash.

Unknown Speaker  37:44  
See more dripping down? candle lit. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  37:50  
That was a good one hot wax.

Raylene  37:53  
wax. More

Unknown Speaker  37:55  
wax it true. I'd

Raylene  37:56  
want to soy wax it doesn't burn. You soy. soy wax burns up body temperature.

Unknown Speaker  38:01  
Do you sell that to? Yes.

Unknown Speaker  38:02  
She got a customer.

Raylene  38:05  
a burning desire candle. Oh,

Unknown Speaker  38:08  
send us gifts. You'd like to kiss when I'm on top. But it's never my mouth. You press yours against I guess it's for the best. You probably kill you.

Steve  38:18  
If you I'm uncomfortable.

Raylene  38:22  
You have to read that again. Yours. I lost track. It was a kiss and I went into my brain and I lost where we were but

Unknown Speaker  38:32  
while you like to kiss when I'm on top, but it's never my mouth. You press yours against. I guess it's for the best. I'd probably kill you if you tried. It's now it's not Holly. Wow.

Raylene  38:45  
Oh, and that one was to mistletoe. You got

Unknown Speaker  38:48  

Raylene  38:48  
Ah, sure how good you

Unknown Speaker  38:52  
were all three of you like

Raylene  38:53  
because I was distracted by the

Curtis  38:57  
by default you missed my partner, which was my show.

Unknown Speaker  39:00  
Is mistletoe actually poisonous? Yes. Really? Oh,

Steve  39:04  
yeah, absolutely. So he threw that one up there for us. And none of us got it. Yeah, I was distracted by you. Here is Brandon. Much that was obvious. He even said Holly and looked at your shirt. We all just sat here like

Raylene  39:17  
I was just attracted by what he said.

Curtis  39:20  
He's wondering how much wine did they drink? Or just how many bottles Did you have before we got there?

Steve  39:26  
Just the one I'm sweating through my

Curtis  39:28  
some of us made the nice list of Christmas sweater.

Raylene  39:31  
I did not.

Unknown Speaker  39:31  
It was I got a bell. It was announced that I was on the naughty list from the get go when I walked in the room. My bed.

Raylene  39:37  
You've been on my naughty list.

Unknown Speaker  39:41  
So you're gonna overtake Raylene. You're gonna get like really hard. I'm long and thick. When I get around to summer sausage. When I get around you it gets hot and sweaty. I'll even choke you if that's fireplace.

Unknown Speaker  39:56  

Unknown Speaker  39:58  
not a fireplace. chimney goes around your neck the chimney Scarlet tie

Steve  40:03  
my girlfriend scarf

Raylene  40:09  
oh he said chimney scarf that's not a thing

Unknown Speaker  40:11  
well I'm I'm

Curtis  40:12  
agreeing with this scarf so then I'll take half of that point I don't know if you're gonna win but no I'm taking half of that point he said chimney scarf and I said it's far off

Unknown Speaker  40:20  
Do you didn't say anything? Well,

Raylene  40:23  
you did say scarf I did.

Unknown Speaker  40:25  
After you said scarf.

Unknown Speaker  40:29  
scarf he said chimney

Steve  40:30  
sculptor, the Curtis rewind, double check it later.

Raylene  40:32  
I think someday we should all play Pictionary. And that will be hysterical.

Unknown Speaker  40:35  
It's really not worth interrupting and fighting over it because Raylene is gonna win this, you know that

Unknown Speaker  40:39  
frickin rigged.

Unknown Speaker  40:40  
Tell Trump that Steve as good as you are. You're coming from behind, but you are not gonna win.

Raylene  40:47  
Another visual thing

Steve  40:50  
but they'd be way too fabricated.

Raylene  40:53  
coming from behind.

Unknown Speaker  40:54  
What's keeping me here is clear. Now I've got myself wrapped around your package. And I'm not leaving tape.

Unknown Speaker  41:01  
on tape.

Unknown Speaker  41:02  
What is the tape hold together?

Raylene  41:04  
wrapping paper? tape it's clear that said wrapping paper. I said I started it.

Unknown Speaker  41:11  
Oh my god did it.

Unknown Speaker  41:13  
keeping me here is clear. In other words. You take that who said wrapping paper? I did. Oh, Steve coming from behind.

Unknown Speaker  41:25  
I know you're behind wrapped. Why do

Steve  41:26  
you think I have no children?

Unknown Speaker  41:29  
Turn around.

Raylene  41:32  
When I know where you're parked, I'm taking it from me anyway.

Steve  41:35  
It's a purple Subaru. I know where yours is.

Raylene  41:38  
My name's on my license plate. It'll be

Steve  41:42  
isn't there like a compartment in a Mercedes that can just strap up a $20,000 car and just take it away?

Raylene  41:47  
I was just thinking I should get from here so you'll know which one it is because it'll be warmed up when I get mine.

Steve  41:52  
But my automatic car says anymore.

Curtis  41:55  
How long does it take for your car to start up? I wonder how Santos

Steve  41:58  
I have to walk out to and start it like a real cold in

Curtis  42:00  
there to the seats warm up

Steve  42:02  
now like a real person who doesn't want to Mercedes we all experienced the same thing with other

Raylene  42:06  
car starters.

Steve  42:08  
wasn't wasn't the most amazing comeback of all time happening.

Raylene  42:11  
No, you're not gonna be me.

Unknown Speaker  42:12  
I think well, you you have a total of seven and a half points. And I was gonna delay for a little and we have one question left. So and it's worth one.

Unknown Speaker  42:21  
Can we do a bonus round for 50 points?

Unknown Speaker  42:24  
Oh, you're that guy at the bar. She's like, Get lost. You're like, oh, listen. So how far do you want me to go? One time

Steve  42:33  
100% of the time.

Raylene  42:36  
Honestly, that's how I got the second child.

Steve  42:41  
See, I'm onto something. All right, here

Unknown Speaker  42:43  
we go, folks. The last and final end

Raylene  42:45  
up looking.

Curtis  42:46  
I actually can't do any of that. It looks Jewish.

Raylene  42:49  
I see. I see. 12

Steve  42:50  
you should have a really colorful fucking questions we should give him credit for this does he

Raylene  42:53  
gets credit we gave him

Steve  42:55  
like a McDonald's menu. I mean, that's a compliment. I really do.

Unknown Speaker  42:59  
The angel watches as you admire my big shiny ball masturbation,

Raylene  43:03  
Christmas tree.

Unknown Speaker  43:05  
I was gonna say that I

Curtis  43:06  
didn't even finish with a Christmas tree. Wait, can you finish it though? Christmas.

Unknown Speaker  43:13  
I stand hard and erect waiting for you to get on your knees and take my package in your hands. Rudy,

Steve  43:21  
I have a better case for you to take out. I've

Raylene  43:23  
gotten it if I let him finish the rest of the question. I felt

Curtis  43:26  
like that was the same thing. Bill Clinton said the Monica Lewinsky exactly

Raylene  43:29  
and there's nothing but a no dress. Well, Bill said was why'd you wear blue today? Cuz she blew him I thought

Unknown Speaker  43:38  
I thought the candle question was closer to what he said to her. And this wonderful podcast we're gonna read a little dirty Night Before Christmas.

Unknown Speaker  43:47  
All right, here we go. Twas the Night Before Christmas. And God it was neat. The kids were both gone. And my wife was in heat. The doors were all bolted and the phone off the hook. It was time for some nookie, by hook or by crook. Mama and her Teddy and I in the nude had just hit the bedroom in reached for the lube. went out on the lawn there a row is such a cry that I lost my boner and poor mama when dry. Up to the window. I spring like an elf tour back the shade while she played with herself. The moon on the crest of the snowman we built showed a broom up his ass up the hills.

Raylene  44:35  
When what to my wondering I should appear but a rusty Oh sleigh and a mangy reindeer with a fat little driver half out of his sled a sock in his ear and a bra on his head. Sure, as I'm speaking he was high as a kite. He yelled to his team but it didn't sound right. Yo yo asshole. Yo stupid. You Put either slow down this rigor or cut off your nuts. Look out for the lamppost and don't hit the tree. Quit shaken the slide cuz I got up Hey, they clear the old lamppost. The tree gutter rub, just as Santa leaned out and threw up on my shrub. Then from the roof we heard such a clutter as each little reindeer now emptied his bladder.

Curtis  45:26  
I was dumping my jacket to cover my ass when down the chimney Santa came with the crash. His suit was all smelly with perfume galore. He looked like a bomb and he smelled like a whore. That was some brother,

Unknown Speaker  45:39  
he said with a smile. No, that would wait. Oh, that was some brother.

Unknown Speaker  45:43  

Unknown Speaker  45:45  

Unknown Speaker  45:49  
Bravo, bravo.

Curtis  45:52  
My Canadian accent Well, let me say that. Bravo. So block one.

Unknown Speaker  46:00  
Block one. Oh,

Unknown Speaker  46:01  
I hate that word. Bravo.

Unknown Speaker  46:03  

Unknown Speaker  46:05  

Unknown Speaker  46:07  
With a smile at the brother. The reindeer.

Unknown Speaker  46:13  
Stay here a while.

Curtis  46:15  
He walked to the kitchen himself poured a drink, then whipped out. He walked to the kitchen himself poured a drink. They whipped out his pecker and piste in the sink. I started to laugh. My wife smiled with glee. The old he was home, nearly down to his name was a black.

Unknown Speaker  46:38  
Definitely brother.

Unknown Speaker  46:51  
We watched him.

Steve  46:53  
Last I heard someone was peeing in the seat. So I started to laugh. My wife smiled with glee. The old boy was hung nearly down to his knee. Back in the den center reached in his sack. But his toys were all gone and some new things were packed. The first thing he found was a pair of false tips. The next was a handgun with the penis.

I think a penis splits a box filled with condoms as Sanders next time. And a pair of panties, the edible kind of bra without nipples, a penis extension and several other things that I shouldn't even mention. A conquering a G string and all types of oils Raylene can tell you all about it lay in a coil. This stuff ain't for kids, Mrs. Santa will shift. So leave him here and then I'll split he filled every stocking, then took his leave. The filled every stocking thing. With one tiny butt plugs tucked under his sleeve. He sprang to his sleigh, but his feet were like led that doesn't rhyme at all. Does he fell on his ass and broke art in the US he fell on his ass and broke when instead and time he was seated, took the reins of his hitch saying Take me home Rudolph this nights been a bitch. The sleigh was near gone where we heard Santa's shout The best thing about sex is it never wears out.

Unknown Speaker  48:42  
Guys I couldn't

Unknown Speaker  48:45  
we were in the middle.

Unknown Speaker  48:48  
When the when the brother was hung to his knees he lost

Unknown Speaker  48:57  
like someone called the guy in grey pants

Steve  49:02  
we know your we know your Santa Curtis.

Raylene  49:05  
Actually he's got these little slices and tuck it away.

Unknown Speaker  49:16  
Wrap that gift

Unknown Speaker  49:18  
who want

Curtis  49:20  
to hear you say this the right way? Who won?

Raylene  49:23  
What do you mean the right way? There's only one way

Unknown Speaker  49:24  
wait the eye that I just gave him though.

Steve  49:26  
It's here. Why are you giving him get what you're bribing him.

Raylene  49:33  
He's given it to me. Oh yeah.

Unknown Speaker  49:36  
Give it to me.

Unknown Speaker  49:38  
podcast. All right.

Unknown Speaker  49:39  
Give it to me.

Unknown Speaker  49:41  
Ladies and gentlemen. Here we go. drumroll please. The winner is if you've been keeping track it's pretty obvious. Hey, Raylene crushed. You have here some Milk Duds or as we know them as reindeer droppings, right.

Raylene  49:58  
One of the few things I'll put in my mouth Keep you horny

Unknown Speaker  50:01  
your antlers on your head

Unknown Speaker  50:02  
oh nice that's gonna

Raylene  50:04  
make my husband horny for sure

Unknown Speaker  50:07  
look at those grab my antlers

Unknown Speaker  50:10  
stick my kid

Unknown Speaker  50:15  
stuck in my head now

Raylene  50:18  
you like your brother and you've never heard that one either What have I not heard Give it to me baby Of

Unknown Speaker  50:22  
course I've heard that Wait what's the other one that he hasn't heard salt

Unknown Speaker  50:26  
and pepper Now let's talk about the salt

Unknown Speaker  50:31  
I'm good all your brothers never heard that

Unknown Speaker  50:33  
they live in a box in Norwich town

Unknown Speaker  50:35  
me Excuse me

Unknown Speaker  50:37  
googled it but I went home thanks for your bill. I googled it when I went home I'm good.

Steve  50:42  
This does

Unknown Speaker  50:43  

Steve  50:45  
Santa's delivered power to the

Unknown Speaker  50:48  
deliver power

Steve  50:50  
bring your crown there's bring your crown Curtis your crown

Unknown Speaker  50:54  
I don't speak Oh, that's

Keith  50:55  

Unknown Speaker  51:01  

Steve  51:03  
a cowbell can bring me beer please.

Raylene  51:06  
Oh my God, this was so much fun you guys are the greatest thing and if you keep listening and you wonder we're gonna get a Patreon get a Patreon your Patreon Yeah, Patreon This is gonna be some the fun additional kind of stuff that you're going to be able to hear it's a little more fun. It's a little more raunchy. It's a little more more bottle of wine.

Steve  51:23  
What's really cool is I thought Patreon was only for like naked chicks online. So no. I'm glad that we are in the

Raylene  51:30  
only fan Steve well,

Curtis  51:32  
which by the way at the rate 2020 is going I may have one in 20

Raylene  51:35  
I'm not gonna lie I might just do an only fans just start doing this extra online you

Steve  51:39  
ain't give me a $3 sale. I'm not interested. So thank you on that note, Merry fucking Christmas. Merry

Unknown Speaker  51:45  
Merry Christmas. So

Curtis  51:47  
all of you guys owe $25 because we promised not to swear No, no,

Raylene  51:50  
that was the last one. This is the extra one we could do whatever we wanted here.

Unknown Speaker  51:54  
Oh, okay, so I hope it's a merry go balls over here.

Unknown Speaker  52:00  
Remember if you're listening to this You have until New Year's night at midnight when the ball drops to vote for who your absolute favorite ugliest sweater is

Raylene  52:11  
just full for your favorite person. Vote for Ray Ray Brown.

Curtis  52:15  
mistletoe tester

Raylene  52:16  
mistletoes. Holly, what?

Steve  52:18  
Your goddamn crown. Can you hit the mic?

Unknown Speaker  52:22  
If that's a condom?

Unknown Speaker  52:25  
Was that sweatshirt on sale at Marshall? Because that's definitely Holly.

Unknown Speaker  52:28  
We don't go to marshals and I don't speak basic.

Unknown Speaker  52:30  
Oh, damn. Goddamn commoners.

Curtis  52:33  
But I did get at Walmart. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  52:40  
Thank you for the gay bar.

Unknown Speaker  52:42  
I can put my own whole gay bar like that's it. Thanks for inviting me to undebatable you guys have an awesome podcast. I hope it continues to grow, flourish and be even better in 2020 but greatest elves.

Unknown Speaker  52:53  
Merry Christmas.

Raylene  52:58  

Keith  53:01  
Well, there it was. reindeer games 2020. We hope you had fun playing along with us. Remember, be sure to go to our Facebook page to cast your vote for the ugliest Christmas sweater. Buy New Year's Eve before midnight and share our podcast to be entered in our target gift card giveaway until next year's reindeer games. Have a happy, safe and healthy holiday season. From all of us at undebatable.

Unknown Speaker  53:29  
Merry Christmas.